Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting Back to Food

Okay everyone.
It’s time to fess up…
Last week, Mary Alice challenged all of us to an honest food log of 5 days of our children’s/family’s meals. What a great test this was for me. To see my kids' meals in written form was incredibly illuminating, insighting some pleasure and some shame. The beauty of such an endeavor, though, is for all of us to be REAL and life-supporting to one another! I can’t wait to read your thoughts.

Here’s our list from last Tuesday through Friday (I only made it four days).
Note: quantity is undefined due to one/or both children eating all, some, or none of the food offered. Here, at least, is what was placed on the table (or given for snack). Nothing more or less.

Breakfast: Life cereal, whole milk, ½ juice/ ½ water
Snack: goldfish crackers
Lunch: peas (from frozen), turkey and cheese quesadillas (white flour kind—they haven’t taken to the whole wheat version), strawberries, banana
Snack: lollipop potty reward
Dinner: mixed veggies (from frozen), McCain’s Smiles (trans-fat free! J), cheeseburgers on wheat buns, plenty of ketchup (why do they love this stuff so?), cut up apple; (GG and I also had a salad)

B: Life and Multigrain Cheerios, whole milk, orange juice/water
S: goldfish, Nutri-Grain cereal bar, part of Panera bagel
L: carrots (cut up into “coins”), chicken nuggets (from freezer), green grapes
S: wheat thins, apple; lollipop potty rewards
D: corn (from frozen), Orange Chicken (made from scratch), brown rice, Yoplait kids yogurt; (salad for GG and me)

B: same as Wednesday (we’re rather boring for breakfast; this is all I can muster)
S: goldfish (I’m realizing we’re rather boring for snack too!)
L: McDonald’s chicken nuggets, French fries, orange slices, mozzarella sticks
(I’ll comment more about this meal later)
S: lollipop potty rewards
D: steamed broccoli and cauliflower (reheated), scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese, Lundberg Risotto (“eco-farmed”, box) (GG and I had open-faced chicken salad sandwiches with cheese—I didn’t even try to pawn this off on our boys.)

B: same but add an apple!
S: animal crackers/ juice and water
L: carrot coins, whole wheat English muffin pizzas (made with spag. sauce), mozz. sticks, apple
S: lollipop potty rewards
D: peas (from frozen), whole wheat spaghetti with jar sauce, Yoplait kids yogurt

Regarding the McDonald’s lunch on Thursday, I definitely have misgivings. I've seen "Supersize Me"; I know McDonalds isn’t the healthiest fare on the planet; I know they slither into children’s subconsciouses with happy characters and golden arches. Yet I still find myself defying those facts and saying, “So what, they’re just kids!” Am I really creating tiny fast-food junkies?

A Mickey-D’s (or similar fast-food) trip is a special occasion for our family and one that happens rarely (though, wouldn't you know it, occurring during my meal logging!). We also tend to tap into the red and yellow frenzy whenever we’re traveling. What do you think? How does one approach McDonalds and children? "All systems go", "All things in moderation", or “Not with a 10-foot pole"??

Hope this posting finds you and your families well-fed and blessed today.


Right Said Red said...

Here's our diet log. Like B-Mama, I also excluded amounts. I only included foods that my children actually consumed (not what was served). One great lesson I learned--we do not usually eat green vegetables (especially the kids) at more than one meal per day. I need to work greens into our lunch routine. Also in the greens department, we eat a lot of broccoli and not enough other green veggies. Oh--and I have an addiction to sun chips ;-)


B-fast--cheerios (kids), mom eats oatmeal with rice milk
Lunch--chicken with gravy (leftovers), 1/2 apple, 1/2 banana for each kid, mixed nuts, corn
Snack--for mom only (sun chips!)
Dinner--lemon chicken with brown rice and brussel sprouts
Dessert--choc. carmel candies, Gianna ate candy necklace, I ate sun chips and choc. candies


B-fast--Cheerios and corn chex, banana and grapefruit
Lunch--organic vanilla/choc yogurt, kashi granola bars, broccoli with cheese
Dinner--breaded chicken with white pasta, red sauce and broccoli
Dessert--only mom, sun chips with a root beer


B-fast--Oatmeal w raisins, raw sugar, cinn. (mom's made with rice milk due to baby's allergy, kids made with whole milk)
Lunch--PB+J (Charlie), Tunafish with natural mayo, celery, and onions (Gianna and Dad), on whole wheat bread, apple w mixed nuts and sun chips for mom (forgot about lunch!)
Dinner--baked tilapia (fish), brown rice, broccoli, mixed greens salad with honey balsamic vinegar dressing
Dessert--peppermint patty and choc. carmels, sun chips for mom (I'm addicted!)


B-fast--oatmeal w raisins, cinn, raw sugar, and bananas
Lunch--PB+J (both kids), Mom (rice and fish leftovers), grapes
Dinner--Pot Roast w carrots/celrey/potatoes in red wine tomato sauce, mixed green salad w homemade vinegrette (kids had broccoli not salad), whole wheat bread with butter, wine
Dessert--choc. mints and carmels

Sunday-- (Augustine's baptism)

B-fast--bagels w cream cheese and OJ
Lunch and Dinner--
I have no idea what the kids ate because we were having 70 people to our house. I saw them consuming white rolls at one point, cake at another, and then cookies!
Parents--meatball sandwiches, chicken in wine sauce, salad, cake, cookies, brownies, wine and beer

Bethany said...

I just discovered your blog and have not had a chance to answer the call to challenge.

However, in response to the Mickey-D's discussion....Fast food restaurants are the occasional treat. Even when we're traveling we try to find sit down restaurants that may (or may not) offer healthier fare.

I have been proud of my two oldest (both boys) because they both tend to like home cooked meals over the fast food joints. Don't get me wrong, they'll both clamor for Chicken McNuggets, or Cheeseburgers from Burger King if they think it's an option. But my oldest, age 6 1/2, will tell you his two favorite meals are ham, cheese, and spinach quiche, and Chicken Piccata (which he's termed "the good chicken").

sixandthecity said...

Okay, here is my log. A few notes to start: all bread is homemade wholewheat and flax, made in bread machine by my six year old son. Also, breakfast is served by Dad. We drink organic skim milk with lunch and dinner, tropicana orange juice at breakfast.

Lately I have been sprinking some cinnamon (not sugar) on apple slices and they have loved that. Our produce is about 50% organic, our dairy is almost all organic.

This is three days of last week and two of this week, in between we had chicken one night for dinner, I know, and I'm not sure what else, except:

I know that this week I also served broccoli slaw (with viniagrette), which they ate, and sauteed zucchini, which no one ate except for Peter who, trying to be obedient, forced it down, and then actually gagged and threw up at the table!

B-oatmeal with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, grapefruits (mom and dad)
L-bread with almond butter, granny smith apple slices
D-fruited pork chops (from Saving Dinner, frozen by my mom, cooked by me), whole wheat couscous, spinach with braggs aminos, bread and butter

B-scrambled eggs, toast with butter
L-peanut butter sandwiches, orange slices
D-pastina with chicken broth, chex cereal, bagel chips and hummus, oranges (desperate, they just kept eating, I was pulling random things out of the cabinet!)

B-whole grain pancakes (arrowhead mills mix, made with buttermilk, real maple syrup, butter), bananas
L-homemade mac and cheese (cheddar)
D-peanut butter toast and oranges

B-stoneyfield farm yogurts, toast with butter, sliced bananas and pears, grapefruits, sliced apples (mom and dad)
L-almond butter on toast, carrot sticks
D-penne bolognese (from Cook's Illustrated recipe)

B-french toast, sliced fruit
L-homemade mac and cheese, carrot sticks, hummus
D-swiss cheese omelets, green salad

Juris Mater said...


Breakfast: multigrain blueberry and banana pancakes, no butter or syrup; homemade granola (Red’s recipe) with milk for mom
Snack: banana and homemade multigrain treats (think rice crispy treats but substitute barley flakes, oat bran and ground flaxseed for rice crispies)
Lunch: leftover homemade pizza—homemade whole wheat/garlic/basil crust (dough made in bread machine), tomatoes and mozzarella cheese; apple slices
Dinner: for kids, eggs and cheese, organic lowfat yogurt with plain Cheerios, fresh blackberries; meatballs and large salad for mom with homemade safflower oil/balsamic/herb dressing (it’s meatless Friday tomorrow, and Dad’s away for the night!)


Breakfast: shredded wheat with milk, fresh blueberries
Snack: banana
Lunch: raw baby carrots and hummus, natural PB and J on homemade whole wheat bread, apple slices
Dinner: whole wheat and cheese quesadillas, caprese salad which kids did not eat (tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella on bed of lettuce with safflower/balsamic dressing), carrots, sliced bananas, fishsticks for hungry Dad
Night snack: homemade granola

Saturday (very sick baby day)

Breakfast: multigrain waffles and bananas
Lunch: store-bought deli pizza
Dinner: Trader Joe’s chicken curry sticks, caprese salad with safflower/balsamic dressing


Red fed us lunch at the baptismal reception, and Wendy’s fed us dinner… Red’s hospitality and cooking were truly phenomenal, Wendy’s chicken nuggets were vile, and I don’t want to talk any more about it : )


Breakfast: multigrain cinnamon pumpkin pancakes and sliced bananas
Lunch: sliced cheese and apples
Dinner: burritos (rice and beans, avocado, red pepper, tomato, lean ground beef, Mexican cheese blend), Tostitos


Breakfast: leftover pumpkin pancakes, Cheerios
Lunch: cheese and sliced pears
Dinner: sauteed all natural tomato basil chicken sausage, pepperoni, red peppers, Italian cheese blend over whole wheat spaghetti with butter and garlic


Breakfast: Cheerios and granola
Lunch: PB and J, peaches, oranges, craisins
Dinner: mostly yogurt for kids; homemade curried chicken and Trader Joe's biryani rice

sixandthecity said...

Note to self: all of us need to drink more water. Even if we are not snacking between meals, we need water breaks. Also, we take vitamins in the morning when we remember, which is about half the time.

Right Said Red said...

Oh and as for McDonald's, I have a "don't touch it with a 10 ft. pole" philosophy. My kids have never eaten there. They have had "fast food", but I try to stop at a local pizza joint or other local restaurant or in an emergency a Sub-way, which probably isn't much better than McDonalds!

And we have a vitamin every morning (my kids remind me as they love the way their vitamins taste), and thanks to the advice of MaryAlice and Texas Mommy, my kids drink only water during the day, except Sundays when we offer 1/2 juice, 1/2 water. This saves me from finding moldy sippy cups around my house!

texas mommy said...

Here are our results (also posted at

This is a fairly typical week with the exception of the boys getting sick and me not having broccoli around the house. Far from being a "no snacks between meals" home, I struggle to not feed my hungry 100th percentile boys between snacks. As for drinks...Dash drinks tons of water and milk and only juice when he's sick. Jack-Jack will only take water from a sippy and milk from a bottle at this point, so we make sure he gets lots of cheese and dairy. We buy organic milk because I'm not a huge fan of growth hormones. Since we just moved, I have yet to find the best places/deals for organic produce, but would love to join a co-op so we could save $$. I understand there is an organic farmer's market around here in the spring, so I can't wait to check that out. I would like to incorporate a wider variety of grains into our normal diet, like quinoa, barley, etc. Also, we usually have a few more sweets around, but I gave them up for Lent and am less likely to bake a pie when I can't eat it!

We maybe go out to eat once every 2 weeks and throw in a take-out pizza every 6 weeks. After a particularly stressful day requiring this pregnant mama to get an EKG (needing the EKG was the cause of the stress, not the other way around) I declared tonight pizza and broccoli night. There were no complaints. Here's what our week looked like:

Wednesday Dinner:
Black Bean and Chorizo Soup
Broccoli, Carrots
Small valentine's day cookie

Thursday Breakfast:
Oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon and a touch of brown sugar (I use quick-cooking oats and add water from our insti-hot, so it is virtually instant oatmeal without all the sugar)
15-grain Bread (store-bought) with blueberry cream cheese (I realize I need to make more bread as we are out! Thankfully, I usually have some store bought kind in the fridge)
Cheese (not organic, 2lb block from Costco)
Raspberries (not organic, can't find organic berries this time of year. I usually buy our fruit at Costco since the boys go through it so quickly)

Thursday Snack:
Dash: Rest of Oatmeal from breakfast
Jack-Jack: Cheerios and Goldfish

Thursday Lunch:
Ham, Colby Jack and Honey Mustard Panini on 15-grain bread (I use my panini machine at least once a day. I started grilling Dash's sandwiches when he was little because he would just eat the bread and leave the meat/cheese. Now Jack-Jack likes to eat the meat/cheese and leave the bread. Grilling them together, in addition to tasting great, means the kids don't take their sandwiches apart)
Smoked Liver Pate
Smoked Halibut Spread (Halibut, cream cheese, red onion, spices) on wheat crackers
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

Thursday Snack:
Freshly Baked Dark Rye Bread (I love my bread machine! I don't need one quite this fancy, but it was a gift. I usually go heavy on the rye flour and lighter on the wheat flour and very heavy on the seeds. I've also used it to make pizza/pretzel dough.) with Cherry Preserves

Thursday Dinner:
Quesidillas (I have not found a good, local tortillera to buy fresh tortillas since we've moved...need to add that to the list of things to find out) with ground beef, red pepper, onion, tons of garlic (this time of year I add lots of garlic to everything to help ward off you will see, it failed this time around), corn, beans, cheese (I try to make something like this towards the weekend, b/c Mr. Incredible likes to eat this for weekend lunches rather than sandwiches. I also buy beef, chicken, etc, from Costco. They sometimes have organic beef. Not always, though. Otherwise, I try to get the all-natural kind, which means no hormones, but the animals don't eat organic feed)

Friday Breakfast:
Dash: Oatmeal w/ raisins, cinnamon, brown sugar, Rye bread with Cream Cheese, Cheese, Kix,
Jack-Jack: Barely touches banana, getting sick

Friday Snack:
Strawberries, Cheerios

Friday Lunch:
Dash: Cheese, bean and corn quesidilla, baked sweet potato
Jack-Jack: Getting sick, refuses to eat anything

Friday Snack during unplanned Friday PM Visit to Pediatrician that confirms Jack-Jack with strep-like virus which I am told can cause blisters on the back of the throat:
Dash: Goldfish and raisins in a bag, sugarfree lollipop from Dr.
Jack-Jack: Applesauce

Friday Dinner: Jack-Jack: Applesauce
Dash: Red Beans and Brown Rice (which your mom probably taught you is a complete protein, make in crockpot which was a blessing since we had our unplanned dr. outing)

Saturday Breakfast:
Dash: Blueberries, Baked Oatmeal (we call it oatmeal cake, which the boys love. I use Penzey's recipe, but use whole milk, whole eggs and cut the brown sugar in makes a bunch and, kept in the fridge, lasts for a few days) rye bread with cream cheese, pasta, OJ (Mr. Incredible fed breakfast, I don't give juice and rarely have it around. Usually only for playgroups at my house. I'm not sure why I feel obligated to feed other parents' kids juice...)
Jack-Jack: Applesauce

Saturday Lunch:
Dash: Quesidilla w/ ham, cheese, beans, corn; Sweet potato, cherry tomatoes
Jack-Jack: Red Beans and Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, Truffle Mouse pate on crackers

Saturday Snack:
Blueberries, Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes

Saturday Dinner (Leftovers):
Smoked Halibut Spread on Crackers, Smoked Trout, Red Beans and Rice, Sweet Potato

Sunday Breakfast:
Baked Oatmeal, Blueberries
Dash: Doughnut after mass

Sunday Snack:
Carrots, Cheese

Sunday Lunch:
Dash: Getting sick, fever; eats nothing
Jack-Jack: Feeling better; Ham, Turkey, Cheese, Pasta, Blueberries

Sunday Snack:
Jack-Jack: Graham Cracker

Sunday Dinner:
Dash: Doesn't eat dinner, just drinks milk and a little juice, plaintively asks for 1 marshmallow since he knew we were planning smores for dessert. Request granted. In bed by 6:30.
Jack-Jack: Osso Bucco (Beef Shanks Braised with carrots, celery, onion, tomato, wine, stock), Mashed Potatoes with lots of Garlic thrown in, Graham Cracker

Monday Breakfast:
Dash: Still feverish; 1/2 Cup Applesauce
Jack-Jack: Baked Oatmeal, Cheese, Banana

Monday Snack:
Dash: some Kix, a few goldfish
Jack-Jack: Blueberries, Goldfish

Monday Lunch:
Dash: Carrots, 1 graham cracker
Jack-Jack: 1/2 Ham and Scarmoza Panini on 15-grain bread, carrots, pasta, beans, 1/2 graham cracker

Monday Snack:
Dash: a few blueberries, keeps saying he hurt his neck, meaning his throat hurts
Jack-Jack: Blueberries, Goldfish

Monday Dinner:
Jack-Jack: "Chicken fingers" (sliced chicken breasts rolled in flour, then egg, then crushed Honey Bunches of Oats with McCormick's Steak Seasoning...a favorite of the boys'), Garlic mashed potatoes
Dash: Can't really eat, a few carrots, 1 graham cracker and begs for a marshmallow again

Tuesday Breakfast:
Dash: Throat still hurts, has 2 "popsicles" made with OJ overnight in freezer
Jack-Jack: Baked Oatmeal, Cheese, Banana, Cinnamon Toast

Katherine said...


I just found your site via Rod Dreher's site, to which my husband referred me. He actually referred me to Rod's article and the link to your page because I was commenting to him yesterday that I didn't know any other wives/moms like me.
Here is a bit about me....
I got my B.A. in Philosophy and my M.A. in Theology at the University of Dallas. I married my husband James (both of us cradle Catholics) on January 1, 2005. He is working on getting his STL and STD (Licentiate and Doctorate of Sacred Theology) and teaching at Catholic University of America. We have two daughters - Cecilia turned 2 last month and Felicity is 3 1/2 months. I am a SAHM in Maryland, not far from D.C..
I haven been able to log anything yet, but I have to admit McDonalds can be a temptation for us. James and I spent an undergraduate semester in Rome and while we loved the Italian food, when we wanted something familiar from home, McDonalds was there. Now when we get it, it reminds us of our Rome days, silly as it sounds. For health reasons though we do try to keep it an occasional thing.
RightSaidRed - Is there a preferred way to cook Brussel Sprouts? I've never had one and would like to try them but have no clue the best way to cook them.
SixandtheCity - The Penne Bolognese - would you mind sharing the recipe for that, if you don't mind. Cecilia can be a bit beef-challenged sometimes.
Juris Mater - Hope baby is feeling better.
Texas Mommy - Hope everyone is healthy again soon.

Right Said Red said...

Hi Katherine,

So glad you found us! Yes, there are other educated SAHM's out there. Welcome.

As for the brussel sprouts, I have no clue how to cook them so they taste good. I tried them for the first time last week after watching a cooking show where they recommended baking them after a olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper marinade. They tasted less than wonderful, and someone here, recommended adding bacon or pork with parm. cheese--which I will do the next time (I just bought more today). They are really healthy, so I REALLY want to like them! I'll let you all know how it goes.

k said...

Since this was my idea, I just thought I'd say...thanks to everyone. I am at work now but I will post tomorrow what we ate. I need to print this out, since I think I might have a few recipe requests/questions.

But just wanted to say that the idea of Peter trying zucchini to be obedient & then gagging and throwing it up made me laugh so loudly (sorry was a laugh out of love) that several library patrons glared...oops no more blog reading at work.

Melinda said...

Impressive menus, thanks for the good ideas. Here are a couple quick saves for me:

Barilla Plus Pasta - it is high in fiber, protein, and Omega 3s thanks to flax seed and legume flours. My kids love it, and even my husband will eat it. Much better than any other whole grain pasta I've tried.

Noodles, peas, and corn. It's just Annie's white with Trader Joe's organic frozen peas and corn, but my kids think it's an amazing treat. They have never had plain macaroni.

Carrot muffins with raisins. The recipe calls for two jars of baby food carrots plus grated carrots. I cut the sugar and use whole wheat flour. They think it's cake, I think it's beta carotene.

Freezer candy, otherwise known as Trader Joe's frozen organic blueberries.

For McDonalds and sweets we take a "moderation in all things" approach. We live in an apartment building and either a neighbor or maintenance man gives my three-year-old a lollipop pretty much every day. I actually notice that although she seems thrilled to go to McDonalds, she rarely eats more than a handful of fries and a bite of nugget. It's funny how they are hooked by the marketing so instantly (we don't even have a TV!), regardless of whether they really like the food.

Juris Mater said...

As for McDonalds... I'll reiterate our "moderation in all things but holiness" rule of thumb. Not mediocrity, but moderation. A dash of this and that, and, God willing, lots of family fun along the way.

BTW, is it true that too much soy makes little boys grow breasts? Because if so, goodbye Whole Foods, I'll sooner buy my nuggets from McDs any day of the week, and I guarantee my very manly husband agrees : )

And while I'm on it, it is also true that lavender baby bath wash makes little boys grow breasts?

Well, until I hear differently from one of you, soy and lavender won't be darkening the doors of this domestic church.

B-Mama said...

Gosh girls, you inspire me! Reading the description of your dinner meals makes me want to do a recipe posting where we share our latest and best. The idea of tilapia and smoked halibut? I can't tell you the last time my fam ate fish!! I try to stay away from it esp. during pregnancy due to the crazy mercury levels. Any advice in that dept.?

Also after reading these posts, I'm struck by how much we would benefit from the addition of a bread machine! Sounds like you all are making some great stuff. Way to go ladies! Melinda, the carrot muffins/aka "beta carotene" boosters sound wonderful--could you pass along the recipe please?! Blessings to you all.

B-Mama said...

I just saw Juris Mater's comment--I am laughing out loud with all of this male breast talk! Sorry to chortle, but it totally caught me off guard! lol. I guess we won't be buying much soy or lavender products either!!

Juris Mater said...

Yes, B-mama, beware. After proudly serving our nation in Iraq and maintaining a reputation as a very manly guy who has sired two very manly sons, I can't imagine that your husband would be too thrilled to see anything other than perhaps premature chest hair stubble peering from beneath his sons' shirts.

Right Said Red said...

lol, Juris Mater your comments on male breast milk are hysterical! Actually, I have heard that there are concerns about too much soy in our diet, but I'm not so sure that it could actually cause males to produce breast milk, and from what I hear too much soy is actually more dangerous for little girls.

Baby boys can produce milk from their nipples in the early months after birth--due to mom's hormones, so just avoid showing hubby that if it will freak him out, haha!

Right Said Red said...

Oh, and lavender is safe too ;-)

Mary Alice said...

Do I worry about my son growing breasts because I have put him in charge of baking our bread and doing the laundry? Well, gagging on vegetables might help with his manliness, he is totally a steak and potatoes guy!

texas mommy said...

My poor 2 year old has no idea what the big yellow M's on the side of the highway are. I'm sure other moms will think we are having major socialization issues because we are homeschooling and he doesn't know what McDonald's is. I won't eat it, so my kids never have a chance. Panera is as fast food as we get. Btw, I loved B-Mama's weekly "date" with her boys that she shared about on her blog awhile ago. We may make that a bi-weekly treat after Easter.

As for Sun Chips, I bought a bag once and I think I ate the whole thing in one sitting. I vowed never to have them in our home again, because for some reason they really are addictive.

Also, I didn't write that I snack mostly on almonds, but we can't have any peanut products in the house because of Dash's allergies, so my McDonald's deprived kids have never had PB&J either.

k said...

Ok ladies, here's mine in all it's glory (now you can see why I need help!)

Wed: B: Scrambled Eggs
Wed: L: Ham & Cheese Roll-ups (which he didn't eat & instead threw-up on me, long story involving constipation)
Wed: D: Noodles with butter & parm and hamburger patty (local org. burger meat, but truthfully this was just a leftover from dinner at my mom's on tues)

Thurs: B: Waffle (at our local coffee shop)
THurs: L: Whole Wheat Tortilla, Hummus, Yogurt (at a friend's house, but I picked all those good things:)
Thurs: D: Minestrone Soup & Bread Sticks with Olive Oil Dip (at our local Italian Joint)

YES, on Thurs we ate no meals at home for a variety of unplanned reasons, but it does happen too frequently at our house

Fri: B: Eggs, Ham (local), Eng. Muffin
Fri: L: Chx Noodle Soup & Cornbread (Snow Day feast at grandma's, all homemade, not by me!)
Fri: D: Leftover Lentil soup & bread from meal out

Sat: Daddy was in charge all day
B: Waffle at local coffee shop (twice in one week is unusal, but this is normal sat. with dad routine)
L: Cheese sandwich (picked ham out, according to dad, might need panini machine)
D: Turkey Pot Pie, pretzels & hummus (um, dad was still in charge at dinner, hence pretzels & hummus, which are a bizarre side to chicken pot pie)

Sun: B: Eggs, Potatoes, Bacon (local)
SUn L: Pretzel, Hummus, Yogurt, Apple
Sun D: Indian Food takeout (chix tikka, dal, naan bread---jack eats indian food, go figure)

Mon B: Frozen Waffle (Van' Brand) with Cream Cheese
Mon L: Playgroup--Homemade Bread, Hummus, Artichoke Dip, Carrots (Jack uses carrots to deliver dip, but does not eat them)
Mon D: I was at school and according to Dad..."We ate something, not sure what"

Tues B: Oatmeal
Tues L: Banana, Peanut Butter, Hummus, Pita
Tues D: Mushroom Barley Risotto

Wed B: Cereal (this was our first bowl of cereal, Jack loved it) & Banana, Yogurt
Wed L: English Muffin Pizzas (whole wheat muffin, leftover sauce, Mozz)
Wed D: Potato Leak Soup & Bread

Some Thoughts: Dad is in charge on most Saturdays & Monday nights, as well as usually one other weekday night if I am working. I need to have meals planned for them or else they forage & it is bad news.

Green vegetables where have you gone?!? As I said Jack doesn't eat much veggies that aren't hidden but a new plan is to offer then at every dinner & go from there. We need to eat them, and he needs to see them.

We drink mostly water, or milk, sometimes water with a splash of juice. We have been drinking watery OJ in the a.m. but he has had really bad diaper rash and I think it might be related...any advice/thoughts.

Most of our bread is whole wheat. A lot of our meat is local organic. We have a lot of farm friends, and try to buy from their farms.

This was a rough week with some illness & a big school project due for me, but I'd be lying if I said our week didn't resemble this at least once a month.

I'll be asking for recipes & questions once I re-read everyone's comments.

Thanks for doing this you guys! Got a lot of good advice & ideas.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for all of this! I love the support and suggestions! My kids too know that McDonalds is a very rare treat -- when traveling if we need to do fast food Wendy's has some better choices.
I'm a work-at-home mom with a graduate degree myself and I love the community of educated Catholic moms. We really are strangely counter-cultural aren't we?
As my husband is known to say, Catholics love food -- so planning for and talking about the food we serve in our domestic churches is wonderful!

Eileen said...

Wow, this is great! I did my own post on this topic here:

I also came across a new cookbook on getting kids to eat healthier that is really inspiring me, and you can check it my post on that, here:

Thanks for a great discussion!


Kat said...

Hi ladies ~

Sorry to join the conversation so late, but last week was quite a week for our family and we're just "digging out," so to speak. In any case, here is an abbreviated version of what we typically eat around here:

For breakfast we usually eat oatmeal, cereal, pancakes/waffles, or banana bread, and some sort of fruit - usually banana, melon, or orange. Mom and Dad drink coffee :), C drinks juice or milk.

For breakfast we usually have sandwiches - PB & J or turkey/ham - and apples and/or baby carrots. C drinks lots of milk so I'm not too worried about calcium, but sometimes we throw in some cheese or yogurt.

Morning snack is usually either the rest of breakfast or animal crackers and raisins/dried apricots.

Afternoon snack is very similar to morning snack :)

Dinner from a couple of weeks ago:

Sunday: Beef tacos, broccoli

Monday: Spinach lasagna, green salad with craisins and pistachios

Tuesday: Beef tacos, salad

Wednesday: Pizza at the mall :)

Thursday: Ravioli with meat sauce (meat left over from tacos)

Friday: Spinach lasagna, mac & cheese for the kids (we were babysitting for some of C's friends)

Saturday: date night :)

As you can see, I try to make lots of meals that can work twice in a week, both for budget reasons and for the sake of time! Other meals that I make and then re-use or freeze are "shortcut" chicken casserole, carrot soup, and turkey meatballs (I've discovered that the secret to tender meatballs is to put the ground meat with the other ingredients into the food processor - what a difference it made!).

Many nights, C also eats chicken nuggets (Perdue chicken breast variety) with broccoli and wheat bread with butter. A quick, easy, well-liked meal :)