Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

All of us here at Building Cathedrals wish you a blessed and happy Easter!

My family in full Easter joy
It is with great joy that we celebrate our risen Lord today with our families and those dear to us. We pray you are doing the same and finding a renewed sense of Christ in your lives. Part of me sat in Mass today and imagined this as the Catholic Church's "new year" as I felt my own rebirth in the acknowledgment of my Savior conquering death. Alleluia!!! The same part of me yearns to wake up tomorrow with renewed goals and better direction in my spiritual walk going forth from the celebration. What habits of Lent can I continue into the coming weeks? How has Lent shaped me into a more devoted follower and how can I maintain that? These questions and more will be part of my post-Easter reflection.

Another thing is for certain, I will be hitting the gym tomorrow with fresh enthusiasm due to all the Easter feasting we did today!

God bless as you begin again tomorrow! Peace to you, B-mama