Friday, May 21, 2010

Farewell to a Faithful Stroller

Well my friends, this is the first goodbye to a beloved stroller in the life of our young family. The narrow sidewalks and high curbs of France finally snapped the frame beyond repair. Goodbye, fair stroller.
(With a grin and a double wink : ))

ODE TO OUR STROLLER (sung to the tune of "Danny Boy")

Peg Perego, your days with us were numbered.
Four years you've been our car, our guard, our friend.
The European cobblestone plus 75 pounds of children--
Your final triumph was your tragic end.

We'll ne'er forget your lightweight sturdy chic-ness;
Italian leather, red upholstery.
But most of all, the many happy memories:
Three kids, 6 homes, 5 countries--joy of family.

Forced to move on, in dire straits without you;
An odd French pram now tries to take your place.
Overweight, bulky, impractical and frumpy.
None other e'er will match your style and grace.

It just ain't right to send you to the village dump;
Your faithful frame, strewn down along the hill.
Your spirit soars, lives off beyond the rainbow,
In all my dreams and in my heart you're with us still.


B-Mama said...

It's truly amazing how these contraptions become a part of our lives and families. We have a family member named BOB, who is the world's greatest double jogger. He is definitely one of us. lol. You all shared some good memories! Farewell Peggy!!

Mary Alice said...

You have had a very good run, but city life is so hard on strollers. I wore out the wheels on my maclaren once a year when I lived in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. You are very good at this... maybe it should be literatus mater instead of juris mater!

Right Said Red said...

so cute! You are good at this!

I think you got your money's worth out of that stroller. So long Peggy.

Queen B said...

hysterical. i would have cried. what a great poem, Juris love to you.