Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Not Too Little, It's Not Too Late

My parish had a special day of Reconciliation on Monday, but I didn't make it to confession then. Today God has put it on my heart that there is still time to make the effort and receive the grace, to be reconciled with my Father in Heaven before this most sacred Feast. My kids are sick, and we will not be attending any of the Easter Triduum services, but my parish does have several times available for Confession over the next few days and I am determined to get there. I pray that the line is long, it will mean that other souls are seeking this sacrament. Elizabeth Foss pointed out this great Guide to Confession which I will use to prepare, my mom-brain needs all the help it can get these days.

I have also been thinking of small things that I can do, on my own and with my family, to celebrate this sacred time. Perhaps a visit to the Church tomorrow, outside of the formal service. Perhaps tomorrow we will observe some period of silence, or try to stay quiet, generally. This week we have had very simple meals which has, I have found, allowed for more family time, some of which has been spent reading this book and this one.

Please say a prayer for me this weekend, as I will pray for all of our readers and families to be drawn closer to the light of Christ into which we have been baptised.


AWOL Mommy said...

Mary Alice,
I needed this, thank you for the fraternal reminder. Friends like the ladies of this blog are invaluable. Just checked our confession schedule and have inked it in on the Momalicious calendar.

k said...

While I am not catholic I know this is the most important time of the year for all of you on this blog. I wish you special time with your family and friends, as well as perhaps a little time to be on your own (hard for us moms, but so important) to reflect and celebrate as you renew your faith.

B-Mama said...

I pray these next days will truly offer a time of renewal, as k suggested. Thank you for such a wonderful blessing, k. It was a beautiful vision for me to reflect upon!

I'm going to really try to use this Triduum to bring about such spiritual renewal... just as Christ is rising again, so too will I aim to rise from the depths of my soul!! Usually my busy life prevents me from focusing on the well-being of my inner self and Godly focus. I love what this time of year offers! It is also the anniversary of my journey "home" to the Church--7 years and counting. Hallelujah!

Right Said Red said...


Great thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Most Churches have confession on Saturday, so it really isn't too late if you haven't been yet. K thanks so much for your wishes that we all have a great holiday. I hope that it will be a time of renewed faith for us all!

DH, the baby, and I are headed to Holy Thursday Mass tonight (I got a sitter for the other two kids). The last two years Holy Thursday Mass has been a disaster. Last year we made the mistake of bringing both kids, and it was way too late in the evening for them. They were cranky and I left frustrated. The year before that we were all planning to attend when Gianna started throwing up. Oh well, I cleaned up vomit that night--suffering with our Lord so to speak ;-)

We will all attend Good Friday Service tomorrow (provided nobody is ill), but it will be long service for the three kids. Our Parish follows Good Friday service up with a nice procession around town--the kids will like this. In the evening the youth group performs the Living Stations of the Cross, DH will attend these with Gianna. I will go home with the baby and Charlie.

We are skipping the Vigil this year, we went last year with the kids and I determined that the Vigil is not a good place for kids. Gianna loved it for about the first 1.5 hours. It was then 9:30pm in the evening and she was exhausted. She cried that she REALLY wanted to go to sleep, and I felt like a terrible mommy. It was too long for her and too late at night. We will head to Sunday morning Mass this year and for many years to come.

B-Mama said...

I am already gearing up for tomorrow's Good Friday service at our church, which will extend for multiple hours. Lord, have mercy on us!

We are thankfully at my non-Catholic parents' home for the Vigil this year, which will allow GG and I the freedom to go for the first time in years! I anticipate it being our last one for awhile with another kiddo on the way! :)

Blessings to you all!

Mary Alice said...

LOL! Glad I could help!

Mary Alice said...

Sorry, commenting on the wrong post, not laughing at anyone's vigil plans!