Friday, January 22, 2010

Princeton Numbers Game

26,166 = # of applications received this year for Princeton's class of 2014

1300 = # of projected freshman to matriculate in the fall

4.9% = an applicant's percentage chance of getting into the class of 2014

91% = the percentage increase in applications over the past 6 years

74% = the percentage of applicants indicating intent to apply for financial aid

$113 million = Princeton's budget for financial aid


Julia A said...

My daughter is one of those 26,000, thanks in part to your witness here.


B-Mama said...

Julia, we wish your daughter MANY blessings in this process! After seeing the numbers, both my husband and I sit back and wonder how our applications would fare these days!!

Assure your daughter she's a phenomenal woman however the process turns out. We'll pray for success--she'd be an awesome beacon on campus!! To God be all glory and honor and praise!

Stephmomof6 said...

I am praying for my daughter who is one of the applicants as well. She was led to apply there also thanks to you wonderful, intelligent and faithful women on this blog.

Our amazing new bishop is also a Princeton grad! Bishop Barres was at the March on Friday as well. What a great witness!