Friday, March 19, 2010

What My Boys Are Teaching Me These Days...

-band-aids are a necessary item at all times (even in a mom's purse!) and you can never have too many

-cereal is a food group

-the couch, and any part of it, can be instantly turned into a jungle gym

-worms are the coolest and holding them is a MUST

-tables are for standing and sitting

-toilets are optional, so are clothes

-balls are household decor

-rough play can be a way to show affection

-hair makes a great napkin

-their love is enough to make a mama's heart feel like its going to explode!! I love my boys!! Can't wait for my little girl!!


Lisa said...

Hi ladies,
I hope it's OK to leave this note here. I know in the above post, MA said she intentionally didn't open a comments section, but I did want to tell her a very sincere THANK YOU for her post. It was so very meaningful for me to read.
Take good care,

Kat said...

Love it, B!