Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time Flies...

Isn't it amazing how quickly time passes from one year to the next?! I can't believe that our little Maria was just a couple of months old last Christmas, and in the course of just one year she has grown into an active, curious, full-of-giggles little girl! Here's a picture of Maria in Christmas of 2007 with my mom, and then one of Maria just a couple of weeks ago with me, squirming to get free so that she could enjoy the Christmas party :)
A blessed last couple of days of Advent to all of you!


texas mommy said...

And yet...she's still all sugar and spice! What a cutie!

Mary Alice said...

I feel just the same way, PT was filling out his new calendar and telling us how old everyone will be on the next birthdays, I could not believe it, and especially with Leo being a big fat one year old, it is a blur since he was a newborn!

I have to get going on scrapbooking, because I am not going to remember any of this!