Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy First Day of School Bella! Happy Birthday B-mama!

Bella started this morning at a local church preschool ("playschool" is more like it), three mornings a week, and wow was it a smashing success. We've waited... and waited... and waited... and she and our family are SO ready. She loved every second, and we'll just continue taking school decisions one semester at a time!

Bean and I had a long-overdue morning milkshake date at the train restaurant, and then we rode escalators for 30 minutes at Bed Bath and Beyond.

A fantastic morning all around! Hope yours is going well.
Another builder turns 30 today. We now have three senior citizens on our builder roll. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, B-MAMA!!


B-Mama said...

Juris Mater, thanks so much for the over-30 birthday wishes! Is it really true? Do I have to cross this barrier?? :)

Looks like Bella had a great time! Fantastic to hear the news and glad you feel good with the decision! We've never looked back since starting our M in preschool--he seems to really like it!! One year at a time! :)

Kat said...

JM, Bella is such a big girl now, I can't believe how much she has grown and changed! And Bean doesn't look like a baby anymore, more like a little boy. I'm glad that it all went so well yesterday, and can't wait to hear updates :)
Happy birthday, B-Mama!