Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reader Comments

I would like to thank all of our readers for their wonderful contributions to this blog. Your comments are most welcomed and very appreciated. Unlike many other blogs, the comments here are a source of shared wisdom and support for all you wonderful, faith-filled mothers. If you do not regularly read the comments, please do! Not only the builders, but many of our readers give great insight into how we can all be better mothers and better people. Many of your thoughts are a real encouragement to me, motivating me to keep writing and posting, even when life is busy and full of other challenges.

Last week, Kat wrote about some difficulties she was having during Mass and one of our readers gave some fantastic advice on how to handle that person who disapproves of your child's behavior during Mass. Julia A, wrote:

This is straying a little from the point, but my life as a mom during mass became infinitely easier when I realized that the best response to a disapproving matron who was shooting daggers at me (and my child) with her eyes was a feeble smile and the line, "Would you pray for us right now?"

Pure Genius!

This morning, friends of our family were struggling with their 3 year old's behavior during Mass. Their little girl was having a particularly bad day, and the couple sitting in front of our friends gave them more than a few eye rolls and sighs. I watched, amazed at how obviously this couple was expressing their disapproval, and feeling horribly for my friend! I then called to mind Julia's wonderful advice.

While her particular line was not appropriate for me to say--luckily, today it was not my child who was misbehaving--her advice was perfect for my friend. After Mass I approached my friend and shared Julia's wonderful words of wisdom. Sincerely encouraged, my friend felt armed and ready for the next time she receives that awful disapproving stare.

While I know the debates here can be heated at times, more often than not, the comments are simply filled with wonderful gems of wisdom. It is moments like today when I am greatly humbled by the advice and encouragement of all the other builders and readers. So thank you everyone, and please keep reading and commenting.