Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flowers for our Blessed Mother

At a home school meeting last night, someone suggested a beautiful idea for praying the rosary with little ones that I had never heard before.

She gives her children two baskets, one with one white and 10 red beautifully crocheted flowers.

After the Our Father and each Hail Mary the child transfers a flower to the other basket. It is a simple and quite Montessorian idea. A very tactile way for a young child to participate in the rosary.

And at the end, the child can present the basket to the Blessed Mother. If you cannot crochet, you could use inexpensive silk flowers.

This may be something special to present to your child during the month of May.

We have found it special to occasionally move our family prayer time outside next to our Mary statue this spring, which the boys love!

***UPDATED to add a beautiful link on crocheted roses for little ones supplied by Elizabeth Foss in the comments:


Elizabeth Foss said...

This is such a beautiful idea: here it is in detail with pictures.

Imagine how many baskets of crocheted roses are being made for little ones this year! Mary must smile at the power of the internet to get the word out.

Right Said Red said...

This is a great idea. I don't crochet, but I LOVE the idea. the crochet roses look so much nicer than silk ones would. Maybe this is an at home business idea for a Catholic mom? Anyone want to make me some roses?

AWOL Mommy said...

Tex, that son is like a child Catholic model. We need to market him to the Catholic Company or something.

Also, I second Red's idea. I will place a crochet order.

Bethany said...

I third Red. I am all thumbs when it comes to crocheting and knitting and all that. But if anyone knows how I'd place an order too.

bearing said...

This slacker mom thinks the idea would work just as well with a bunch of better-quality silk flowers from the craft store.