Saturday, May 2, 2009

Let Them Eat (Butterfly) Cake

I wanted to share this foolproof butterfly cake template. Our baby Angelina turned one yesterday. We've called her butterfly from day one, so that was our party theme. I figured we were looking at a cheesy sheet cake with my poor attempt at a butterfly icing drawing, until I found this. It's a single round cake, cut in half, then you cut out two triangles and flip one side around. Then frost and decorate. VERY fun for the kids to help decorate the butterfly with whatever candy, sprinkles, colors you have on hand. So in case you're looking for an easy, precious springtime or birthday cake suggestion, might I recommend using this template?

In other cake news, I now have tasted homemade special occasion cakes from Texas Mommy, Red, and MaryAlice, whose oldest son received his First Communion this morning. All of them have been absolutely lovely in taste and appearance, professional quality, no joke (and Tex actually is professionally trained). It makes me think of all the rest of you cake baking, cake designing moms out there who have earned the right to add the title "Pastry Chef/Party Planner" to your list of jack-of-all-trades skills. Homemaking certainly is a little touch of everything. Moms are amazing!!!! Happy Sunday, everyone.