Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Land Before Time Challenge

On this Tuesday morning, I would like to know if anyone else out there has created a Land Before Time name for one of their children? You know, do you have a Spike, or a Flyer or a Swimmer? I have recently deemed my soft, chubby 18 month old son "Warm Neck." I truly love getting into that neck. Yum.

Which characters populate your home?


sophie said...

it may not be endearing, but my son loves it when I call him "Templeton" from Charlotte's Web. He loves to hoard weird things at his desk and is always looking for little "treasures".

Mama on a Mission said...

I have four daughters. They always have had some kind of nickname since they were babies/toddlers. So even at thirteen, my oldest daughter is still called "Bug". It all started when she was born, my husband was always saying she was as cute as a bug's ear. It stuck and then it went to Queen Bug. Now it is just "Bug" again but only can her daddy call her that.

Our eleven year old daughter is known as "Laura Bear". She growled all the time as a baby. The name stuck. Today, many people even in our community call her Laura Bear. Our eight year old has the beautiful name of Katherine. But she was always full of it and still is. She is forever called "Peanut". My youngest is six and I have called her "Babydoll" since she was born. She had the cute little face that reminded me of my other daughters' dolls.

I think nicknames that are warm and fuzzy are awesome. I had a nickname that my dad always used when I was younger. It really had a special meaning for me. I love the cute name you have your son. It touches my heart. Why?..because it really makes the statement you love your son and cannot get enough of him. How beautiful is that in a world were the majority of children are not treasured?

Right Said Red said...

Is it bad that I have never seen The Land Before Time? Maybe we need to rent it?

No character nicknames here, but my son does think he is Jimmy Rollins (shortstop for the Phillies).

Katherine said...

True to our philosophy studies and Plato's forms: our 3 year old is "The Cuteness" and our 1 year old is "The Sweetness." They also have Winnie the Pooh character nicknames: our 3 year old is Tigger and our 1 year old is Winnie the Pooh. Time will tell what nicknames our 3 week old gets

Juris Mater said...

Cute, AWOL : ) The better question here is what characters AREN'T we. My highly-imaginative four year daughter hasn't gone by her real name since she was two.

B-Mama said...

So cute! We often roleplay the characters from Mama Mirabelle's African Savannah (on PBSkids). My oldest is Maxy (the young elephant), my middle one is Bo (the cheetah), and our poor little guy is "Carla" (the zebra). I am "Mama" and I love it, yet I can't help but laugh when we talk about Carla! lol.