Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the little rascal with golden curls

Last night while I was finishing up bathing the twins, Leo (18 months) locked himself in the girl's bedroom. I could not get the windows open from outside the house, but I did finally figure out how to take apart the doorknob. Once I rescued him, I (cleverly) put the door knob back on in the other direction, so he couldn't lock himself in the room again.

Tonight, while I was helping the twins get their pajamas on, he locked the door from the outside! All of us were in the bedroom and he was alone, screaming again, on the other side of the door. This time I had to send my big boy out the window so that he could go around and rescue all of us.

Lion is the cutest, sweetest huggiest kid I have ever known, and he gets into more mischief, too!


Right Said Red said...

lol. At least you didn't have to call the fire department. When Charlie locked himself in the bathroom, we were unable to get him out for over 1.5 hours. We finally had to call the fire department, and they arrived in 3 full size fire trucks with at least 6 firemen. It was quite a sight!

You might want to just remove the lock on that door until Leo is a bit older.

This Heavenly Life said...

Oh, buddy. Now you just need to learn how to disable a lock, and he'll figure out how to use barricades :)

B-Mama said...

What a little sweetie with blonde curls! I love that he's making himself known amongst his brothers and sisters. He has to do it some way, right?!

NC Sue said...


Perhaps the doorknob should be removed altogether for a while?

Suburban Simplicity said...

My niece did that too last year.

Turning the knob around is a good idea. Also they make doorknobs that have a little hole in the outside knob that you put this little thing inside and it opens up - my husband put those kind in our house and I'm happy he did.


Sophie said...

you just need to get him that Melissa and Doug puzzle with all the locks on it so he can get good practice...


But I really want to know how you manage to not go completely berserk in the midst of being locked in there out of reach of your toddler?