Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Read This!

It's funny, I did not know that there was a summer decluttering bug, but I have definately caught it. I am emptying my desk to get it ready to be PT's place for school work -- he (like another Peter I know, coincidently) works well in a room of his own where he can focus on his projects without me hovering or siblings distracting.

However, I also know that I need order in my life and in my brain much more than in my home or desk, that is the part that I am really struggling with of late. So, parallel to the desk project I am also thinking about what my goals are as a wife, mother and teacher, so that, come fall, I don't lose what really matters under a pile of laundry!

Here is a quote to whet your appetite:

. “True order does not always mean orderliness. True order lies in loving God first, then spouse, then children, then home, and lastly, community,” Abby noted. She said that in some homes, authentically living these priorities will result in a home that might be untidy at times.

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Right Said Red said...

Great article. I highly recommend that everyone go on over to Faith and Family and read this article.

Following the spirit of these last two posts, I'm hoping to post later this week on the laundry ;-) It has been my undoing lately, and in many ways my problems with the laundry are a physical image of the issues in my spiritual life.