Friday, August 28, 2009

Me Versus Bee

Once every year, my husband leaves for a week-long theology course and week of fellowship with other great Catholic men. That one week a year, and only that week, I am guaranteed some exciting new pest or rodent infestation. Two courses ago the mice moved in and set up shop for a year and a half.

This year it's yellow jackets swarming my kitchen. Since yesterday evening, the bee body count has reached approximately 30. My husband's leather sandal is my reliable killing instrument. I'll let you know how high the death toll climbs before the exterminator arrives (before the end of the workday and start of the weekend, please God). So far, homespun caulking and spraying remedies have failed. I hope the Orkin Man has some extraordinary tricks up his sleeve. Thank God for professionals, seriously... I'm a do-it-yourself type, but when it comes time to raise the white flag, thank God for professionals.


B-Mama said...

Oh JM! What timing for you, poor, defenseless mother-of-three! I actually couldn't think of a better woman to be wielding that leather sandal in battle against the yellow jackets. I'm sure you are showing the kids some great moves! :)

I will pray for the Orkin Man!

Right Said Red said...

Those yellowjackets must be cowering in fear!

Maybe you need to take off for a week without the kiddos, what sort of infestation might occur then?

Kat said...

JM, how did this debacle turn out?? How awful!

Juris Mater said...

The exterminator was the knight in shining armor that I hoped he would be (until my real knight arrived home on Sunday). He drilled some holes in the outside wall late Friday afternoon and bees escaped happily to the outside world. We never saw another one, except we continue to discover more carcasses strewn throughout our house. Bee Casualties crept only slightly over 30.

B-mama, you must have boys or something... I was sneaking up on Bee #30-something in the kitchen, and suddenly it came after me, chasing me into the living room where Bean and Bella were sitting. I was screaming and jumping wildly around the room and Bella was screaming dramatically along with me. As soon as the bee came to rest and Bella and I quieted down, I noticed the sound of hysterical laughter coming from my 3 year old boy at the whole spectacle. Boys. Bees.