Thursday, August 27, 2009


While mowing the lawn this morning, the words from 2 Timothy rung loud and clear in my crazy brain, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." (2 Tim. 4:7) Rather profound for lawn mowing, eh? Profound until I tell you why I was thinking of this verse...

All over.
We have fought hard against them and yet they are still there!

Poor GG mowed the lawn a few weeks back and called me immediately while I was away in Ohio. "Honey, have you seen the weeds in the front yard?" I had.
"They are taking over!" Poor guy. I could see the stress lines forming on his forehead.
He has been fighting those darn weeds all spring and summer with everything from pre-emersion treatment to top down weed killer.
Yet the weeds still come and thrive and it is frustrating!!

There's crab grass by the edges and around our lamppost. There's Bermuda grass encroaching from the neighbor's yard. There is a leafy variety consuming the small strip of grass by the driveway. Ugh. Weeds.

When I stop to think, though, I am struck by how true this metaphor applies to the rest of our lives. We are living the good life, taking care of our day-to-day, attempting to have a holy perspective in the midst of life's ups and downs. And then the weeds come. They approach stealthily at first, implanting ever so delicately between the God areas of our hearts. Over time, without attention, they grow and flourish, putting down roots and becoming established in the soil of our life. They go from being immediate temptations to entrenched sinful habits. They draw the life out of all the good parts.

We might even have been actively trying to avoid the weeds, doing everything we know how to do--praying, reading the Word, attending church. We can never be too cautious. "Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." 1 Peter 5:8

So today is not only a day to cut the grass, it's also one to do some serious praying and examination of conscience. I need to ask God to reveal the weeds in my life, the fledgling ones that I cannot yet recognize. Where are they, Lord? Show me them so that I can truly build the fruitful aspects of my heart. And while I'm at, God, inspire me toward a deeper relationship with you; one that can endure the weedy seasons of life and emerge fruitful and beautiful. Equip me for the long fight, my Lord.


Right Said Red said...

yeah, the weeds are awful in our yard too. We haven't been as on top of things as you guys, but it is depressing to go outside and see that despite a fair effort, we are losing the battle ;-)

Mama on a Mission said...

I loved your analogy. It is perfect in describing our day to day lives.

A thought for your lawn: Weeds grow when the soil is right for them. Your grass will not win if the soil is not right for it. Our society tries so hard grow this certain kind of lawn. This kind of lawn (grasses) is not right for most of our soils. Instead of us all applying all kinds of nasty chemicals on our lawns, how about trying to grow what is native to our areas.

Our lives are a lot like that. We try so hard to make our lives one thing when in reality God had something better planned all along.

Kat said...

Great post, B-Mama, and good food for thought this Friday!

We, like Red, have not been as vigilant as you when it comes to the weeds in your garden - actually, the front of the house looks good, it's just the back of the house, and it's driving me nuts! Let me know if you have any great tips, and I'll do the same :)

So glad it's Friday!

Mary Alice said...

Mama on a mission, what would be an alternative to lawn grasses on the mid atlantic coast? Could we use soil nutrients instead of weed killers to give our lawn a fighting chance?

Our problem is weeds in all the beds, cracks, walks, etc. Sealing the driveway would be a good start, but I am not sure what else. We made a decision not to spend on a ton of mulch for the beds this year, which may have been a mistake.

Not to ignore the spiritual analogy, but if you are a gardener, please speak up!

Gina said...

Every time I see crabgrass in my yard, I plant either flowers or a food-bearing garden plant there and it takes off like mad.

How gorgeous would perennial flowerbeds--ground cover, food-bearing plants and flowers--be where these weeds are growing. They are a lot more work initially, but the long-term results are far fewer weeds and a more beautiful yard.

Works in our spiritual life, too. Plant more where the weeds are creeping in (step up your spiritual life). It takes a lot more work initially, but the long-term results are fewer cracks for the weeds to grow.

Mama on a Mission said...

Mary Alice, I do not know what is native to the Mid-Alantic Coast. But here is a suggestion for next year's weeds in the cracks, vinegar. Liberally apply vinger in your cracks. It will be to acidic for anything to grow plus it is safe for humans and pets.

I was reading that a good dose of calcium is just the right thing for a nice looking lawn. We have a lot of dandelions and are trying this next year ourselves.

B-Mama said...

Yes, I know the local lawncare guy treats our neighbors' lawns with lime (calcium carbonate) to battle the weeds. I'm not sure of the proper mixture for a proper job, but do know lime dissolves easily in water, which is why we find plenty of caverns in limestone! Thanks Geology 101!