Sunday, December 20, 2009

Paper Plate Angel

A happy and blessed 4th Sunday of Advent to all of you!

As we prepare our hearts and homes for Jesus' birth in just a few days, this could be a fun craft to do with our children. We will be using our paper plate angel as our tree topper, since I have once again failed to procure a proper tree topper for our family's tree :) I have such trouble committing to buying a tree topper because when I do, I would like it to be the one that our family keeps forever. I have fond memories of our beautiful angel tree topper as a child and haven't found anything quite like it yet. So, for yet another year, we will be going the home-made route! Here is the link to this project:

If you have any other ideas for home-made tree -toppers that are easy to make, please pass them on - I'm sure I'm not the only one who could use some ideas!

God bless!

*By the way, Mary Alice, since we couldn't comment on your post below, let me just say that you have a beautiful family and it certainly looks like you're taking full advantage of the season of Advent!


Melanie B said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who has a hard time committing to a tree topper. Our 4th Christmas and the top of our tree is still bare. Why are the angels in the store these days so ugly? What happened to the beautiful angels I remember from when I was a girl?

Kat said...

Melanie, I totally agree with you, and this is our 7th Christmas as a married couple! I haven't seen a very wide variety of angels in the stores, and the ones that I've seen have just looked too artificial. I was told by one saleswoman that the style this year is to top the tree with a big bow - it looks pretty, but I would still prefer an angel!

Mary Alice said...

We used paper plate angels for years, too, this year the top of our tree is bare.

I wonder whether getting one from Germany or Austria would be better?I have not seen one that I liked, either.

My dream is to do a tree full of angels to put above our nativity, just like at the Metropolitan Museum.

Kat said...

MA, I think you're right, and I may ask my mother to look for me when she goes over to Germany in January to visit her mother. Our angel was from a German market, so I'm sure that I would prefer the style since that's what I'm used to and that's the picture that I have in my head!

Right Said Red said...

We use a large Christmas ornament angel as our tree topper. It is very simple and nice. I agree that the regular toppers I have seen in stores recently are not nice. I would search overseas or online for something better Kat. I also think a star topper is very nice--after all, the star plays a very significant role in the Christmas story. It might do as a temporary fix.