Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Second Annual Tone, Trash Talk, and Thanksgiving Turkey Update

Since I promised to be accountable to the readers of this blog, here is the post-race update. I think my husband enjoyed nothing more than flipping on the lights at the crack of dawn Thanksgiving morning to say, "Rise and shine, it's 30 degrees outside!" Mornings and cold are two of my least favorite things and he knows it! After putting on 4 layers and two pairs of gloves and downing a hot cup of coffee, we bundled the protesting children in foreign objects otherwise known as coats and gloves (we don't wear these in Texas) and headed out.

My feet were numb for the first mile, but I thought of my 4 year old who said with confidence that Daddy would run faster because he has longer legs. I rallied and came in just over 23 minutes for the 3 mile course (ahead of my long-legged husband). Hardly a PR, but not as embarrassing as I was worried it may be.

More importantly, I have found a way to add exercise into my weekly routine for my sanity and health's sake. I have fallen in love with running all over again. While I am confined to the treadmill at this stage of my life, I can still get the endorphins flowing and a stress relieving break.


B-Mama said...

Way to go, Tex! You look great, as do the bundled cherubs! And nice time too!! So glad to hear you silenced that long-legged hubby of yours. I can imagine him trash-talking a good game. lol.

I am happy to report a 3-miler on the treadmill this morning. Am beat as a result, but happy it is done!

We are going to have to get our acts together one of these years and host a BC race somewhere in the country... How fun (and scarily competitive) that would be?!

Right Said Red said...

Awesome Tex! Love the pic! I hope to being the same thing...in about a year :-)

The Nichols said...

Way to go! So glad that he did it, too.