Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Nor-easter!

Another storm is coming, the 3rd big storm of the season. I posted about a huge snowstorm back in December, we had 28 inches last Saturday, and they are calling for another 1-2 feet tonight and all day tomorrow. And since 3 times is a charm, I think I have finally mastered how to survive a blizzard with many young children:

1. When they are calling for snow by the foot, rather than by the inch, plan ahead and buy some snacks and great food at least 48 hours prior to the storm. Do not under any circumstances go to the food store within 36 hours of the storm. No matter how badly you need food (and even if it is your regularly scheduled food shopping day!), you will not come home with milk or eggs, and you will be lucky to get out of the store alive!

2. Get the kids out of the house prior to the storm. We rescheduled gymnastics (usually on Wed.) for today, and I am so happy I called first thing yesterday to get my kids into a make-up class.

3. Get yourself out of the house prior to the storm--I'm hoping to go to the gym tonight for a good run. I will feel better about being a couch potato tomorrow if I get a good run in tonight.

4. As a general rule, young children will spend about 1/2 the time outside that it takes them to get on their snowgear. In our house this means about 20 minutes of prep, and 10 minutes of outdoor play!

5. Your house will be wet and muddy and covered in mittens and hats. It is far better to put wet items in a laundry basket and then throw them in the dryer for 10 minutes than to leave them strewn about waiting for them to air dry. Chances are the kids will want to go back outside before they dry and you will have to put them in the dryer anyway! In the meantime the pile of clothes in my kitchen area drives me bonkers.

6. Watch small children carefully when they go out into deep snow. Charlie has pointed out to me that with another foot, the snow just might be over his head!

7. Do not shovel during the storm. It does not make things easier, but only leaves you exhausted and tired of shoveling.

8. Definitely watch the local news. I never watch the local news, but there is something about the weathermen outdoors in a blizzard, telling me again and again not to leave my house, letting me know just how hazardous and bad the conditions are, that I find amusing and enjoyable.

9. Make sure the shovels (usually located in a detached shed) are brought near your door, and the sled isn't left lying in the yard. A snow-buried sled will not be found until the snow melts (when it will be useless), and it is big pain to trek through several feet of snow to retrieve shovels necessary for shoveling.

10. Take lots of pictures of your baby, because she is growing up so fast, rolling and giggling and smiling. She will never be 4 months old again. (I know, I know, I'm shameless!)


B-Mama said...

Great lessons, Red! We are learning a lot of these lately as well. I'm just glad you're getting more of this next storm coming than we are--our area can't take any more. We've had two weekends in a row of storms and everyone is about done!! The kids just went back to school today after a week and a half off. Whew!! Gave me a good long look at homeschooling and I'm so impressed with all of you who do it!! It is not for the weary, for sure.

Also, anytime you want to be shameless with cute baby pics, feel free!!

JesusThroughMary said...

#7 is dead on. It's a complete waste of time, especially when it's as windy as it's been.

Ignatius spends at least an hour in the snow whenever he can. Back in December, we were out there for three hours just as the storm was ending, and I had to drag him in kicking and screaming for dinner. Bono, on the other hand, has decided he can't be bothered, and takes advantage of the opportunity to play with his brother's toys without fear of retribution.

Kate E. said...

I have serious baby-hair envy. That is a lovely head of hair on that sweet baby. I spent the weekend taking pictures of Nora too, while the guys sledded and shoveled.

I'd add an add-on

Get your kids a kid size shovel. My guys loves him some shoveling and he actually helps! He is in charge of the porch and it is perfect.

Enjoy the next one guys.

Grace in my Heart said...

OH my goodness, Red...could your baby girl be any cuter?! Love that bow!

Enjoy all that snow!

JesusThroughMary said...

Kate -

Great call. I just saw the magic of a kid-size shovel in action when I visited a friend of mine a couple days ago. I can vouch only for the boys, but they all seem to love to help Daddy shovel. :o)

Right Said Red said...

The kids size shovel is a great idea. Thanks for the baby compliments ladies! I too love Claire's hair, although Mr. Red keeps pointing out that her hair is a bit out of control.

The snow is coming down like crazy here today, with lots of wind. I just cannot believe this weather pattern. The city of Philadelphia is completely shut down, so Mr. Red is "working from home" today.

Karen said...

We did #5 the other day when my mom was visiting and spent hours looking for a lost, very small blue mitten. Next time I am going to get one of those laundry bags for the mittens.

#10 is so true. That is the blessing of the later babies in the birth order - you appreciate the stage they are at. Love the bow!

I love using the snow days to get some organizing done and cooking/baking I would normally not get to, so I would add to get any items you need for projects around the house or books for school. I have to plan a project or it won't happen :-)