Monday, February 22, 2010


Amazingly, our family is getting ready to welcome our next little bundle of joy any day now, and by Thursday for sure. As always, the date has crept up on us and we are just so excited to finally meet this little one! Our 5 1/2 year-old can't wait to meet his little brother or sister, although the idea of an induction is perplexing to him, and our 2 year-old is very clingy and seems to know that her life is about to change big-time!

Since I was prepared for the possibility that this baby was going to arrive early, I have felt like the past week has been my "bonus" time to do some extra organizing around the house. We have washed couch covers, reorganized closets, rearranged furniture, and done laundry. Oh, and did I mention that we decided to do a last-minute bathroom renovation and some painting? It all turned out beautifully, but also turned our lives a bit upside-down for the past 3 weeks. Phew, glad that's done! So yes, I suppose you could say that this time around, I have gone into super-nesting mode :)

How about you? Have you tackled all sorts of projects right before the birth of your children? I must confess that I'm not usually the nesting type, so this has all come as a bit of a surprise to my husband and me! The urge has been overwhelming, sometimes even more overwhelming than the urge to lie down and take a nap :)

May God bless all of you as we begin our first full week of Lent. As a priest reminded us over the weekend, let us strive not for a perfect Lent, which we know to be unachievable, but for an honest, committed, prayerful Lent. Let us go back to the basics - prayer, fasting, and almsgiving - and let us encourage one another in our daily walk with Christ. Let us ask Mary, the Mother of Our Lord and the one who knew him most intimately on this earth, to help us know her son more fully during these 40 days.


Juris Mater said...

Kat, God bless you, dear friend! We are in prayer for you and your baby's arrival this week.

I have never nested. Keeping my emotions and hormones under control in those last weeks is always more than a full-time job : ) Well, that and constant teleconferences with Red to decide whether I'm actually in labor yet or whether I should attempt yet another natural induction home-remedy.

Congrats on all your new home improvements!!

Molly said...

Kat, you'll be in our prayers! I didn't nest at all, but I bet my husband wishes I had! So glad your projects turned out so well.

Mary Alice said...

I LOVE third trimester energy and nesting. Last time around I (together with my family) painted almost every room in our new house.

I always wash and sort the baby clothes, have the drawers all ready to go, and sometimes prepare meals as well.

I usually have to do this all early in the third trimester, because these last few times the last month has been tough, lots of contractions as my poor, overworked body prepares to labor again.

God bless you, Kat, I can't believe that your time is coming so soon!

Right Said Red said...

Prayers for you Kat! These last days are always really rough for me, so be assured of my prayers for your peace of mind, and a safe delivery of your little one! I can't wait to see pictures of him/her.

As for nesting, I never nest at the very end. I am just so uncomfortable those last days. Instead, most of my serious nesting kicks in around 6-7 months.

Erin said...

I am 33 weeks and seriously nesting too! The last few weekends have found me at Target, Babies R-us, Ikea online, etc looking for new shelving units, closet organization and items for big brother's Big Boy room. I even tackled my most dreadful closet which had an awful mix of maternity clothes and non-fitting non-maternity clothes strewn about for months. Every weekend I just have an urge to do one more project, complete one more room...etc, which is definitely NOT part of my non-pregnant self. I want the perfect nest to bring my baby home to! I'm even baking treats for husband and 1.5 yr old every weekend lately too. I am ending work a week before my due date, and just dreaming of the possibilities of what can be done in that week...crazy, i know, but I love it!

Dorian Speed said...

I LOVE nesting. I am really good at feats of organization triggered by the visit of someone to my home, and I consider nesting to be that ability taken to a far greater level of commitment.

The problem is, of course, that I don't have a baby once a week, so my house doesn't look particularly "nested" most of the time, but it sure is a great feeling when you have that single-minded focus on home improvement.

Congratulations on your imminent delivery!