Monday, July 14, 2008

A Friendly Competition

Among our builders we have two beautiful mamas due with baby boys in just a couple of weeks! We are all praying for a safe arrival and smooth delivery for both babies. And while we are waiting, I thought we could have a little competition to see who among us can best predict the date these little bundles of joy will arrive.

Here are some hints: Texas Mommy is due the 27th of July, and she has had her previous 2 boys a little bit early (6 days and 3 days). Prayers that Texas Mommy will again have her baby right on time...

B-mama is due August 4th. Her eldest boy arrived 4 weeks early due to blood pressure complications (no sign of that this time around praise God!) And her second boy (what's up with all the boys!) arrived right on time. B-mama's hubby is taking the bar exam at the end of July, so our prayers are with her to deliver after hubby is finished with the bar exam--and for sanity beforehand!

Ok readers, let's hear your guesses. The winner will receive bragging rights when we post the birth announcements. And do list a time of day with your guesses as a tiebreaker.

I'm going to leave my guesses in the comments.



Elizabeth M said...

I'm guessing July 20th for Texas Momma (with 2 "big" brothers to deal with, I think a week sooner is likely).

For B-Momma, I'm guessing July 31st. I'm hoping that's right AFTER the Bar exam.

I wish I could post a picture of my sister that she sent me last night (but I don't think she'd want me to). She was FULL with twins and her 2 olders (7 and 5) hugging that baby belly.

But the belly is gone! Early this morning the twin boys made their entrance -- 2 hours before the scheduled induction and before the anesthesiologist could get there! Her potential bleeding issue did not arise and after just a short time in NICU, they were in her room and began to nurse!

I've said prayers of thanksgiving to our Father, Our Lady, and St. Gerard -- all of whom have been receiving my intercessions lately.

Given her history (a miscarriage and two rounds of thyroid cancer), she really deserves this blessing!

Please forgive me for this digression. I wish you both safe and speedy deliveries, followed by healthy moms and babies!
God bless!

B-Mama said...

Elizabeth, praise God for your sister's blessing of a healthy delivery of twins! What great joy it brought me to read your comment... Please pass along our congratulations!

As for my predictions:
Texas Mommy: July 24th at 3pm
Me: August 3rd at 8am

Thanks for encouraging us in such a fun way Red and ladies!!

Right Said Red said...

Texas Mommy July 25th at 1am

B-mama August 4th (my wedding anniversary!) at 3am

Juris Mater said...

Tex: July 25 (feast of St. James) at 3pm
B-mama: August 7 at 7pm

God bless you, pregs. You two look AMAZING!

Kat said...

B-Mama and Texas Mommy, you are both glowing and look beautiful! Here are my guesses:

TM: July 22nd at 2 p.m.

B-Mama: August 5th at 2 a.m.

I'm so excited for you both, and my prayers will continue to be with you!

texas mommy said...

For myself: I am also thinking July 25th, Feast of St. James, 8pm

B-Mama: August 6th, 5pm

Elizabeth M said...

I forgot to leave times (for the tie breaking)!

Texas Mommay July 20th at 8 am

B-Momma July 31st 4:45 am

Bethany said...

My guesses are:

Texas Mommy- July 23rd at 5:00pm


B-Mama- August 2nd at 10:30am

Ryan said...

T-Mommy: July 27, 5pm

B-Mama: July 30, 7pm. Geoff will just make it.

Ryan & Amy Lobato said...

Texas Mommy: July 26th 5:45pm

B-Mama: July 31st 3:00am
(The relief of Geoff being home will start the contractions) :)