Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gender Fluidity?

Swimming in the bay
Bella: goes in too deep, loses her footing and falls slightly underwater, and decides she probably shouldn't be out quite that far
Bean: goes in too deep, loses his footing and falls underwater backwards, with only his eyes above water; watches me calmly from underwater as I race to pull him out; goes in deeper, stands up and then continues falling backward underwater on purpose to see what happens

Playing outside when a light rain begins to fall
Bella: runs into the rain, squeals and giggles happily for a couple minutes, then runs back under the house to dry off a little
Bean: runs into the rain, looks bored, spies the one water spout where the water is collecting and gushing off the roof, and plants himself under it for ten minutes; he cannot open his eyes and can barely catch a breath, yet he loves the thrill

Playing in the rock garden
Bella: requests a baby wipe and begins polishing the rocks to make jewelry
Bean: uses the tweasers from his Bob the Builder tool set to pick up increasingly large rocks, examine each one, and place it into his mouth, attempting to discover the largest size rock that will fit

Tea party
Bella: carefully and sweetly pours water from the china teapot into the china teacups, names each pretend flavor of tea she is pouring, and sips hers as she offers me my favorite flavor
Bean: disappears with a full teacup when nobody is looking, pours the water on my alarm clock, then begins dropping the teacup from increasing altitudes onto the hardwood floor to explore the effect of gravity on china

Rice Krispie treat from gas station
Bella: removes packaging a little at a time as she enjoys it bite by bite
Bean: removes packaging in its entirety and inserts entire bar in his mouth, then goes from there

Playing in the waves at the beach
Bella: gets a mouthful of salt water as a large wave surprises her, then asks for a drink of fresh water and takes a short break to play in the sand
Bean: gets an intense faceful of salt water as a large wave consumes him, pops up, rubs his eyes vigorously then plants his feet in the sand and squints his eyes, inviting Neptune God-of-the-Sea to bring it on again

This is dedicated to all you gender-bender moms at the playground who buy your train-loving sons Barbie dolls so they can choose their gender when they get older.

My only remaining question is how any little boy lives to see adulthood. How can you not believe in guardian angels?


B-Mama said...

Oh Juris Mater!
How much these observations reasonated for this all-boy mama!! My boys have lately taken to diving off the couch and armrest headfirst onto couch cushions on the floor. They don't care if they dive onto one another, just as long as they get to roll through the cottony billows when all is said and done. I have been a nervous wreck watching this new game unfold... Hello broken necks!?

And while we've recently adjusted the house rules to include no jumping off of said couches (just off the floor onto the pillows) I still found them yesterday doing the exact same game off of our guest bed onto the bare floor! Yikes!! It seems I also have two risk-taker sons who will be lucky to be alive and walking by the time they're adults!! And we're going to add another one to this mix? Oh Lord!!

AWOL Mommy said...


First of all, I love your "dedication". Second of all, kudos to you for admitting to feeding your progeny gas station food on this blog.

Awesome observations and humor. Thanks for sharing, life under your care sounds fun - wanna babysit my kids for a couple weeks? You know, practice being like Mary Alice - minus a pregnancy...

Right Said Red said...

I don't know how anyone who has observed very young children can think that gender behaviors are simply environmental?

Right now everything in our house is either "boyish" or "girlish" thanks to my very girly girl Gianna.

And I feel your pain B-mama and Juris Mater on crazy boys. Just last week Charlie jumped off the couch and split his lip open. He is fine, but he did bleed all over my sofa!

Right Said Red said...

Oh, and why is everyone so quiet lately?

Juris Mater said...

As for everyone being quiet, is Tex in labor or what?

AWOL, like you, I'm all for honesty on this blog about what our children actually eat when the going gets tough. My kids are actually rejecting Wendy's nuggets these days b/c they're so burned out on them. Where do I turn in my Flawless Family Nutritionist badge?

Three cheers for moms of boys, raising the next generation of holy priests and fathers! May God bless these little boys and guide them in His love.

Alex said...

Your descriptions are too funny, JM, and well-written. As sweet as those little girl tea parties are, you do make me eager to have the irresistible charm (and, albeit, bone-headedness) of a little boy in our home.

Kat said...

Oh JM, I think you would laugh because sometimes our C reminds me of his little girl friends! :) He'll complain when he gets dirt on his sandals, or a drop of syrup on his shorts at breakfast, and has to change into a clean outfit. You should have seen him this morning when he was helping me in the yard - he needed laytex gloves on both hands and wore his rainboots, just in case :) He's also fairly careful as far as boys go, which is a good thing but not necessarily the norm. In other ways, of course, he's a typical boy - he loves cars and trucks, Star Wars, bugs, and Legos, and he's recently started using the "no girls allowed" phrase. In any case, we'll see how Maria's personality develops - for now, she's as feisty as ever! Of course, I've decorated her room in pinks and greens, and she's usually wearing something that's either pink or flowery (or both), so I'm sure that some people would say that I'm pushing her into girly tendencies - but who could resist?!