Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Friend, H2O

Swelling... swelling.
One of the many wonderful side-effects of pregnancy. 
In your ankles, legs, hands and fingers... 

The doctors and midwives tell you to drink it.
You try.  You really do.
But it's so hard to get that daily 64oz.
And add on countless more liters if you're exercising, already nursing, etc.
Not to mention it has no taste!

Yet this pregnancy I have become a believer in water.  I have been overwhelmed at its healing and life-giving power.  I should know better.  A Biology background in tow, my brain knows that water is life-giving in its every form; at the root of every life process and cellular event.  It causes diffusion, osmosis, and cellular respiration, to name a few.  

And it takes away swelling.  Really, it does.
Water is every pregnant woman's small miracle.
And I never believed it until now.
No sooner have my ankles begun to bulge, but I drink a large 32oz'er of the clear stuff and all is well.  No more cankles. 
Bring on the 64, 72, 80 oz-a-day!!  I'll drink it.

Let's not forget the many other reasons to consume it--
*Improve Your Energy
*Increase Your Mental and Physical Performance
*Remove Toxins & Waste Products from your body
*Keep Skin Healthy and Glowing
*Help You Lose Weight
*Reduce Headaches and Dizziness
*Allow for proper Digestion (and avoid constipation!!)
*Help to keep you more Alkaline
(Though an April report in The Journal of American Society of Nephrology disputes these claims!  Pish posh, I say!)

Just do it.
YET don't always trust its purity, especially the bottled kind.


Kat said...

Thanks for passing along the article, B-Mama! I was also a big sweller during my pregnancies - I think you're right, water can work wonders for those pregnancy cankles!

I'm wondering if any of you ladies have invested in a water purification system for your home. We had a man from Rainsoft Water Purification come to test the purity of our water, and it was amazing to see the difference between his clean water and our not-so-clean water! He told us all about the benefits of pure water, not only for drinking but also for cleaning, washing, and overall health and well-being. We decided not to purchase the system because it costs at least $5000, but he made a pretty good case for it! And apparently, the long-term benefits far outweigh the cost of the system (and you can take it with you when you move). Any thoughts?

Thinking of you pregnant mamas today! Drink up!

Mary Alice said...

Our new home came with a water purification system just for the drinking water. When we moved in, it was due for a new filter, so we were drinking unfiltered water for the first few weeks. I am a spoiled New Yorker (best tap water in the world), and I really couldn't drink the water. Now that the new filter is installed, the water tastes clean and wonderful.

I don't know the cost of the system, but replacing the filter was expensive, so I am curious to see how long it lasts.

When we lived on Long Island, we were having Poland Spring delivered and had a water cooler. This was an indulgence, but it was so wonderful to have cold, clean water (and hot water) on demand.

If I didn't already have a filter, I would go with a cooler and water service instead, just my opinion.

Juris Mater said...

Is tap water really that bad? I've heard somewhere that a little bit of sediment, etc is good for us.

We use a Brita pitcher, but considering how infrequently I change the filter, we're probably getting plenty of unknowns in our water anyway.

Right Said Red said...

Now I'm thirsty.

Juris Mater said...

B-mama, your link addresses my last question! Tap water isn't that bad!! Sorry I didn't read up before firing questions. Thanks for this informative and (like Red said) thirst-provoking post : )

By the way, I'll definitely confirm the benefit of lots of water and losing extra baby weight. By drinking a TON of water with meals, like chugging half a glass after every couple bites, (and also eating high water, high fiber foods like veggies), I find that I fill up SO much more quickly and consume way fewer calories. Moreoever, water and lettuce are a lot less expensive than other foods... saving calories and money is a double plus!

B-Mama said...

We bought a PUR water filter that installed right on the tap and its been great! So nice to flip the switch and have all our drinking water purified. The green light on the device lets us know that the filter is still aok. I'm not sure how expensive the filter will be, but it does seem like a lower-cost alternative than a large-scale purification system.

And after living with well water for the past three years, I'm thrilled with mere tap water, Juris Mater! I actually don't mind the presence of a little fluoride in the water for extra dental strength! I remember my dentist's office recommending drinking the tap water out in CO because of its beneficial effects on the teeth...

Right Said Red said...

Our town no longer puts fluoride in the water because there have been a number of studies suggesting it is unsafe to drink regularly (may increase risk of cancer and heart disease). Kids can get all the fluroide they need from a fluoride vitamins supplement during the years that their teeth are forming. Adults don't need to be drinking fluoride everyday.

As for the water filters, I've heard that the best water filter (it takes out everything, including antibiotics and other drug residues in our water supply) is a reverse osmosis system. These are expensive, probably costing around $500-$800, but they are pretty much maintenance free (no cost to change filters regularly) and they can be brought to a new home if you move. We haven't invested in one of these yet, but we hope to someday. Might be worth the long term investment over expensive filters and water coolers.