Thursday, November 13, 2008

Too Educational

Dear Melissa, Dear Doug:

Your Latches Board develops fine motor abilities, memory, and shape, color and size differentiation skills. It is handcrafted using superior wood and brass, and painted in bright colors. It can capture my preschoolers' attention and focus for up to 15 minutes at a time.

Did you consider the long-term repercussions?

Our apartment door came equipped with three different locks for extra child safety, each with a different type of latch. My little Houdini (age 2) and Houdina (age 3) unhook them like they're child's play--oh wait, that's because they are, right?--necessitating our adding a fourth latch 6 feet up where they cannot possibly reach.

Always appreciative of your help in educating the next generation of Catholics, one escape artist at a time...

Juris Mater


Sophie said...

My son got this same puzzle from his grandpa. I remember thinking, "oh gee...thanks, like I really want him learning how to unlatch everything!" Ha!

Next they need to make a puzzle to teach them how to manipulate child cabinet locks, outlet covers and baby gates!

I do love that company though, everything they make is really great and high quality.

Juris Mater said...

Sophie, hilarious! I was thinking M&D should next come out with a colorful step-stool that kids can learn to operate themselves, to teach them fine motor skills, mechanical skills, and greater self-reliance in general. Then preschoolers can undo those 6-foot-high door locks; unlatch window locks and leap out; play in ceiling fans; and reach the liquor, medicine, and cleaning solution cabinets.

moira said...

JM: You've got a great sense of humor. I can always tell it's you writing even before I read the end of the entry. :)
thanks for keeping it real.

B-Mama said...

This is too funny!! Thankfully the boys haven't received this one yet as a gift. We're keeping to the M & D farm animal puzzle, where you fit the pieces and hear the appropriate animal sound. Yet that one is a little hysterical too. When I turn on/off the light in the room and the pieces are missing, it moos and oinks on its own! Creepy!! We call it the "possessed puzzle"... lol. Must be some electromagnetic thing going on!!