Sunday, November 23, 2008

Man to Man

So, there will be a lot to reflect on from our morning in Philly, but here is one part that I am thinking about:

Why is it that when I tell my husband that his soreness and knee pain after long runs would be helped by stretching and moving in a cool down he ignores me and is stiff for days, but when B's husband gives him the same advice he follows it and is amazed at how much better he feels?

Sometimes men need to hear it from other men, so tonight I pray for good men to come into my husband's life, the kind of men who can give him counsel, friendship and fellowship in a manly way, to support him and be his companions in the greater race. I also pray that I will have the wisdom to get out of the way from time to time as my boys get older, so that their father can be that kind of man to them.


Anonymous said...

Stretching unless it is dynamic stretching actually weakens muscles.

Right Said Red said...


I don't think the NY times article addressed static stretching post-exercise. I have played competitive sports for years and I stopped static stretching pre-exercise in college. I felt it weakened my muscles and just didn't feel right (as the article suggested). I do, however, seriously stretch (static) post workout. I think this REALLY helps release muscle soreness. I was disappointed that the article ONLY discussed pre-exercise stretching when I actually think post-stretching is far more important for relieving soreness and building long term muscle strength and flexibility. I'd love to see what the research says on post-exercise stretching.


I think we should all pray for better friends for our husbands. Men are so different from women. My husband has recently started a once per month poker night with the guys. They pray the rosary before playing a couple of hours of poker one night per month. I think it has been really good for him.

I also think that sometimes we listen to advice from people that are not our immediate family members more easily (gender aside). Sometimes we get so used to hearing the voices and concerns of our spouse/mother/father/siblings that we start to tune them out or think what they say is unimportant. When a friend or acquaintance brings it up, we actually think we are hearing it for the first time!

B-Mama said...

MA, I witnessed Mr. MA's kind response to GG's suggestion at stretching. lol. :)

GG just joined the Knights of Columbus at our parish in search of friends and Catholic fellowship. While he's found some great male camaraderie, most of his brethren are over 60! Where are all the 30 somethings?

Kat said...

Wonderful sentiments, MA! It is SO IMPORTANT for our husbands to have the support of strong, upstanding men, so that they can see that they are not alone in their efforts to be godly men!