Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tone, Trash Talk, and Thanksgiving Turkey: The Final Edition

Juris Mater has said she's hotsteppin'
B-mama and Red are just bettin'
Who will run fast
and not come in last
Guaranteed we'll surely be sweatin'

But who really has what it takes
To compete without pride or mistakes?
A prize she will win
In this race of has-beens
To conquer a test of high stakes

The BC crowd will give cheer
From the sidelines others might jeer
As they see what transpires
When the gun quickly fires
Three mamas compete without fear

Mary Alice will humble us soundly
At her full term status, so roundly
She'll glide through the miles
Beaming with smiles
Thoughts of six wee babes so profoundly

And don't forget Mr. MA
Who will be most impressive that day
He's lost 30 pounds
While doing his rounds
The half marathon is his foray.

While we wish everyone could be here
From Germany to Texas, so dear
We're together by Grace
Running life's race
God's blessings undoubtedly clear.  

Good Luck to all of our Philadelphia Half-Marathon and 8K participants!!!!


Juris Mater said...

B-mama, you R-O-C-K. Wow, look at this! Thanks for taking the time to put together something so fun and thoughtful, and upbeat!! And you're a darn good poet.

It snowed for a lot of the day in Philly, and I think the temp is supposed to be around 25 on Sunday morning at our 7:15am start time. I've been wondering all day why I thought it was a good idea to sign up for this early morning frigid torture, but your poem just reminded me! To work toward a physical goal, and to be a part of an exhilarating challenge, in solidarity and fellowship with you dear ladies. This poem is just the reminder I needed, B-mama. Thank you!

Runners, take your marks, and get your game faces on, girls.

Right Said Red said...


AWOL Mommy said...

I like the sophisticated rhyme scheme - and this coming from a biology major? If she is half the runner that she is a poet then you are all in trouble.

Mary Alice said...

It is getting harder and harder to just walk around my house, so we'll see what happens...

Mr MA has now lost about 60 pounds in a year. More importantly, he has improved his health, energy levels and attitude.

I think his story is amazing because he did not follow any fads, he just started eating the way we all know we should and walking a few days a week. Eventually, after a few months of walking, his body just told him that it was ready to run.

The hard part is to just keep doing it, day in and day out, and I give him so much credit for that.

sw said...

B-Mama--you always were multi-talented =)

Good luck to everyone on race day! I'm obviously biased, but I'm totally rooting for you to win B-Mama!