Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Are we doing permanent damage?

I've been teaching my 5-yr old daughter about money. First was pennies, then dimes. Yesterday, we moved on to nickels, which of course bear the image of our third President, Thomas Jefferson.

But when I showed the nickel to my daughter, she surprised me with this comment: "Mama, is that William Wallace on the nickel?"

I blame my husband and his infamous Braveheart monologues.

But now that she mentions it, I do see a resemblance:

For those concerned, don't worry - we haven't actually allowed the kids to watch the movie, only the freedom speech.


Mary Alice said...

That is classic!

Mr. Red said...

Jefferson should take it as a compliment!

Kat said...

Very funny! Mr. Red, I imagine that you're proud of yourself :)

B-Mama said...

This is hysterical! Wasn't William Wallace a Forefather?