Thursday, April 9, 2009

Resurrection Rolls

A blessed Holy Thursday to all of you!

Here is a recipe for "Resurrection Rolls" that I found here. I think that I will make these on Holy Saturday with the children (and bake them on Easter morning), in addition to dying Easter eggs. We always struggle with finding the balance of activities with our children on Holy Saturday - it is such an in-between day, as it well should be! Good Friday has come and gone, and Saturday is a day of waiting for Jesus' Resurrection. We will be skipping the Easter egg hunts that are going on all around us, and will instead enjoy some activities at home that will help prepare us for Easter. Enjoy!

1 can refrigerated crescent roll dough
8 large marshmallows
Melted butter

Give each child one triangle-shaped crescent roll section. This represents the tomb.
Each child takes one marshmallow, which represents the body of Christ.
Dip the marshmallow in the butter and roll in cinnamon and sugar mixture. This represents the oils and spices the body was anointed with upon burial.
Lay the marshmallow on the dough and carefully wrap it around the marshmallow. Make sure to pinch all seams well so that the marshmallow does not ooze out.
Bake according to package directions.
Break open the tomb and the body of Christ is no longer there! Celebrate God's love!


sophie said...

I had planned to do these with my kids too, but I'm trying to figure out *when*. Will you make them and just refrigerate them on a tray overnight then bake them EAster morning? That sounds like a great idea. I didn't think it would be something that would taste great the next day, but I didn't want the kids to eat them on Saturday either....

We also skip the local egg hunts. So annoyed that there aren't any DURING the Easter season.

texas mommy said...

This year I wrote a letter to our parish priest telling him that I was sad that once again our parish was holding our Easter egg hunt the week before Easter and expressing the reasons why our children would not be participating as humbly as I could and how we were trying not to partake of the culture that skips Lent and celebrates Easter for one day (instead of 50).

Within 2 days, the parish Easter egg hunt was changed to the week after Easter!

We might not be able to keep Easter eggs off the shelves of wal-mart in february, but gently suggesting the delay of Easter festivities within a church setting until the 50-day long Easter season seems reasonable!

AWOL Mommy said...

Way to go, TM, I am glad to see that you have not put your WWS skills entirely to rest. Your campaigning skills are alive and well in your Texs parish. Way to go!