Sunday, September 20, 2009

Early Christmas Shopping?

What could be better than supporting a Christian-based business (Tegu) that creates these amazing wooden magnetic blocks as a cool plaything for kids? Being a part of a mission to change the world.

Tegu's altruistic mission is an impressive one--to support and encourage a depressed city in Honduras, Tegucigalpa. The company employs workers there to make the blocks and also donates part of the proceeds toward sending town children to school or planting trees within the community, your choice.

Today I checked a Christmas item off my list, supported a community in Honduras, and planted a dozen trees, all in one fell swoop. I feel pretty good about that.


Mary Alice said...

Wow, those are awesome! Thanks for the link.

Right Said Red said...

GREAT link!

Jessica Anderson said...

thanks for supporting our friends! they will be psyched when i tell them you posted this!