Saturday, October 17, 2009

Here's hopin'...

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Juris Mater said...

We are (my husband is) watching the Bears play right now; how amusing to see such explosions of excitement, anger, frustration and elation coming from a HIGHLY even-tempered man.

What's the equivalent for women? (I know, Red gets as into it as the guys do, but how about for the rest of us?)

My husband thinks it's women sharing labor and delivery stories. Women can always connect on this topic and become deeply interested in the conversation, it transcends generations, is a common source of joy and pain and triumph. While conversations among men usually eventually drift to sports and linger there, conversations among women are mostly like to drift to labor stories and stay there. What do you think?

Mary Alice said...

I don't think that labor makes it to the water cooler quite so much.

I have noticed that I have had more fun connecting with other female relatives when I watch one or two popular shows, like House, American Idol or, right now, Glee.

Shopping, kids and complaining about housework seem to be good topics, too.