Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One more Phanatic!

While I am from New York City (and don't you forget it!), this is one area where I have allowed, over time, my husband's loyalties to win out. Up until now, this has been friendly, as we graciously congratulated the Giants on the Super Bowl will and my family expressed joy that PT got to be a little boy watching his team win the World Series. This year, though, I don't quite know how to feel. I have never had to root against the Yankees to support the Phillies, but I don't like the idea of a house divided. My husband is like a kid about it, no team is really established until they have beaten the Yankees, he spent $15 on a World Series Program at a newstand this week, oh, and do you all know about the poetry?


Karen said...

You have one cute Phillie's Phan there! Personally, I really dislike baseball. (I do, however, love the Philly Phanatic.) My husband is a fan of all the Philly teams, but I only like the Flyers. I'm ok with the fans until they start clogging up my facebook page with excessive comments during the games. Not looking forward to tonight for that reason alone.

Right Said Red said...

Adorable! I think that was my gift, right?!?He looks great in Red, as do all your children, which is yet another reason to switch your loyalties over to Philly!!!!!

And I will refrain on this blog from talking about how the Yankees represent many of things I dislike the most about baseball.

Go Phils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

texas mommy said...

I must say, Red, that you are showing great restraint, b/c I know you have a lot to say there.

All of your little sports fans are adorable, though in our household it is at least as important to cheer against Philly teams as for our home teams.

As much as I don't get the world of obscure stats and data, I think family sports time, cheering and playing is great fun.

Juris Mater said...

MaryAlice, that is ONE CUTE BABY.

"H" said...

That is an AWESOME smile!

JesusThroughMary said...

You should stay true to your New York roots and vote "present".