Thursday, October 22, 2009

May I Recommend...

Sprout Baby Food.

For years I have used a mix of homemade and store bought baby food. Jarred food is convenient, especially when you are short on time or going to be away from home. Except, the glass jars are tough to keep in your purse and the plastic boxes explode when you open them! Plus, the food is so nasty that my older kids refuse to clear the baby's plate! So, I mash my own bananas and sweet potatoes, but my baby's culinary adventures have been very limited.

And then, in to my life came Tyler Florence, sigh...with his organic baby food in convenient pouches which, by the way, have a very low environmental impact. Have you tried these? Jimmy cannot get enough, he is loving the flavor of this food. Finally, convenient baby food that you can feel good about, and I hope that you can find it at a store near you!

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Bethany said...

heeheehee I sigh at the thought of Tyler Florence too. :)