Saturday, October 31, 2009

Like a Snow Day with No Snow

Today - at two days beyond my due date with my third child - I have reached a peak in the emotional ups and downs which characterize the feelings of awaiting a childbirth. I mean, really, these days are total freebies. It is like a snow day - you thought you had assignments due and meetings to attend, but then everything got canceled and you are home with 24 free hours. That is kind of how it is around here. This was "supposed" to be the early days of sleeping and nursing and getting to smell the new baby, but instead we are just waiting. There are no more clothes to be washed or car seats to be assembled. Tonight we even threw away our homemade October calendar, with the words "due date" scribbled on last Thursday. Before us stretches the great unknown. Yet I am now trying to think of these blank November days as freed up calendar days in our "box-it-all-in" human mentality and enjoying every unexpected free day with my mother, husband and two (out of utero) great kids.


Right Said Red said...

Prayers for you AWOL. I hate being overdue! Baby will be here soon enough. You have a great attitude and I'm so glad that your mom is there to help! Mothers are a Godsend at times like this!

Cheryl said...

That's how I felt last week. But baby 4 arrived Monday (only 11 days 'late') and the chaos has begun. But so sweet the chaos; we are so blessed and will be praying for you during your time of expectation.


B-Mama said...

Awol, awesome thoughts and perspective! How wonderful that you even got into the spirit of Halloween and looked so cute while doing it! :) I am going to try to embrace your optimism the next time around... You are a definite example. Keep up the good thoughts! Know of our prayers!!!

Juris Mater said...

AWOL, great thoughts... and you look GREAT!!! Being postdue is always so unnerving for me, and your perspective here is amazing.

I am hoping baby arrives in the next 4 hours, according to my bet, because the Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Ritter candy bar prize waiting in my drawer looks much more appealing than all our ho-hum Halloween candy. God bless you friend... good luck! Hang in there.