Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My husband and I play a little game with the boys when we hit a red light: "Mommy, Mommy," they beg, "make the light change! Remember to ask it nicely!"

And then we begin a short or long request for the light to change to green using lots of big words and fancy language by keeping our eye on the lights the other direction waiting for them to change yellow to make our final triumphant request for green. The boys squeal with glee that we have once again made the light change at our command. Rocket science it is not, but it does give the illusion to a 3 year old of power over the lights.

I recently came across this passage in The Faith Explained by Leo Trese (an excellent book, by the way, highly recommended reading!) on the workings of grace in our souls:
And then on judgement day we shall get our first square look at ourselves. We shall see the full picture of the workings of grace in our life. We shall see how little we ourselves had to do with our heroic decisions and our supposedly noble deeds. Almost, we can imagine God smiling at us in loving amusement as he sees our chagrin; as he hears us exclaim in confusion, "Why God! It was you all the time!"

He later writes, "It becomes our responsibility, then, to do our best in removing obstacles to the operation of grace; to do our best to facilitate the effects of grace."

All too often I fall into the trap of hidden pride, thinking that more effort will yield the results that I want. I want to buy into the illusion that things are in my control, rather than abandon myself to the will of our Lord, which only puts up a barrier to the grace I so desperately need. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. Perhaps a prayer from a holy man will help me today:

Charles de Foucauld's Prayer of Abandonment:

I abandon myself into your hands;
do with me what you will.
Whatever you may do, I thank you:
I am ready for all, I accept all.

Let only your will be done in me,
and in all your creatures -
I wish no more than this, O Lord.

Into your hands I commend my soul:
I offer it to you with all the love of my heart,
for I love you, Lord, and so need to give myself,
to surrender myself into your hands without reserve,
and with boundless confidence,
for you are my Father.


Right Said Red said...

Loved this meditation Tex! My parents used to play that game with me when I was a child! I trusted my day so much, and it took me a really long to time to realize that he didn't actually have control over the lights.

B-Mama said...

Oh, if only we could control everything, especially the nitty gritty of our lives! Thanks for this thoughtful reminder, Tex!! I need to remember this game and play it with the boys so they're even more amazed by my power ;)...

Kat said...

Thanks, Tex, this is a good reminder for me as we stumble through our daily lives right now!

Right Said Red said...

I meant to say, "I trusted my Dad so much," not day!

Mary Alice said...

Abandonment is my issue of particular examination right now, and I am so thankful that advice on the subject seems to be coming up right and left. I heard a great homily on the subject, and I am going to print out this essay and prayer to bring to my meditations. Thanks Tex!