Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Neighbors

What's almost as cool another family moving in with 3 boys and a little girl on the way???

New neighbors from England!!!!

The boys and I delivered cookies there yesterday and enjoyed meeting new friends from "across the pond".

As we were chatting, they asked if our homeowners' dues covered the cost of the "bins". I was confused at first until realizing they were referring to the trash cans! Love the Brit terminology. We all had a good chuckle.

And hopefully its the first of many.


Mary Alice said...

How fun! The house across from us is for sale and the children are sad about it because we love those neighbors, but we are hoping for a new family with young children -- or at least eager teenage babysitters!

Right Said Red said...

Agreed, how fun!

B-Mama said...

I know, at one point GG said to me, "Honey, we need to really start praying for neighbors to move in with young kids." And while our prayers weren't completely answered, at least it seems these folks are very nice, with three older sons, and the wife owns and manages a British daycare, so we're assuming she's good with kids!

texas mommy said...

Love it! We just got new neighbors last weekend, too...A 3 yo girl and 4 mo boy, with a stay-at-home mom! We are very excited!!