Monday, April 19, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Giving our little sister lots of love, sleeping in new rooms, dying Easter eggs (yes, we were a little late this year, but it was a perfect opportunity to explain to the children that Easter lasts for 50 days)...This has been our life recently! The past couple of weekends have been consumed by moving the children into their new bedrooms, and all of the organization and decorating that comes with this task, but I'm thrilled to say that we're. almost. done. Thanks to my hubby for all of his hard work in this regard!
God bless all of you on this Monday morning!


B-Mama said...

Oh Kat, the pics of the kids are so sweet. They are all adorable, especially that new sweet babe!! You all must be exhausted after your renovations, new baby, and now room changes! Go get some rest... :) Prayers and blessings.

Mary Alice said...

Kat, based on your pictures, I have a question -- is the play kitchen in the girls' bedroom? Do your children play well alone in their room and with friends there?

I ask because our play kitchen and some other toys are in a part of our family room that we call the "play room" but since our house has an open floor plan this means that toys seem to migrate all over the house. I was thinking of moving these things to the nursery so that "go to your room and play" is an option for my kids. However, it seems that Leo (2) wants to always just be where I am anyway, so he just plays with pots and pans in the kitchen half the time.

I would be open to anyone's advice as to toy distribution and set up, as well as clean your room routines.