Saturday, August 16, 2008

How do I clean a porcelain sink?

Ladies, I'm looking for a little help here...We are now the proud owners of a porcelain kitchen sink, and I'm wondering if any of you have some tips for me on how to clean it. I've heard that a product called "Barkeeper's Friend" works well - has anyone tried it? The main problem is that the sink gets easily scratched and stained...Please help :)


Kerry said...

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It is SO WONDERFUL. Let me know what you think.

Sophie said...

yep, I'd second that suggestion. Those things really do seem like magic sometimes!

We use bar keepers friend on stainless, and it works great for that.

Kat said...

I've tried the Magic Eraser and it doesn't work :( I love this product for other tough jobs, but it didn't seem to work on the porcelain sink.

Sophie, have you used Barkeeper's friend on porcelain by any chance?

Sophie said...

no I haven't used it on porcelin, so I'm not much help. On the container of BKF it says, "in the kitchen removes stains from porcelain and stainless steel sinks, ceramic cookware, plastic dishes, stoves..." It really works awesome on our stainless cookware set. They look like new. But I'd suggest wearing gloves when you use it. Makes my hands feel like sandpaper afterwards! Here's the website from the container:

I don't use many chemical cleaners in our house, but this is one I do have around because baking soda just isn't quite strong enough for the shine.

There's another thought though...have you tried a paste of baking soda and a plastic scouring thing?

Erin said...

I love the Magic Eraser on mine too. I also use comet and scrub and every couple weeks fill the sink with hot water and some bleach, let sit and then scrub looks like new!!!

Melissa said...

I use Bar Keepers Friend on my porcelain sink and it works great. I like to use a soft sponge while cleaning to prevent scratching.

Rebekah said...

i also have a porcelain kitchen sink (& bathtub, too)!

for removing stains & grime, i have used BAM (purple bottle), which takes out some of the work of scrubbing (really does its best work on stainless fixtures, though, as far as i can tell)... and my new favorite is to fill the sink with water + oxiclean & let it soak for awhile.

in general, though, i have decided that i cannot let any metal pots or pans touch the porcelain since they leave gray/black "scratches" that are so much work to scrub off! i make sure to put a soft surface (rubber mat, cutting board, plastic-coated sink rack, etc.) below the pan before setting it into the sink... haven't taught the mister that trick yet, though! ;)

i'm interested to hear any other good thoughts on cleaning oft-used porcelain...

good luck!

Mary Alice said...

Soft scrub with bleach for stains, and once they are out, for everyday you can make your own paste out of baking soda and dish soap.

Jeanne Stark said...

Why worry? God loves you ... do the best you can do.

Lime juice and baking soda. Natural and cheap and not fussy.

I hate to tell you this, but there are more important things in this life than worrying about how clean your sink is. You all are educated: do some research on where the FlyLady's fussiness led her = divorce. She literally nagged her now ex husband to death and well you know the result of that.

I was listening to my diocesan radio station down here in Tampa and heard the song that talked about "my Jesus would never be accepted in my church... blood and dirt might stain the carpet."

It is online

I pray that we have our priorities in order. Don't worry about it.

Ask God what to do. I don't know. I do that. It works.

We will not be judge on how clean our house is.