Sunday, August 24, 2008

What is Texas Mommy doing outside the Great State of Texas?

(1) Speaking at the “Montessori Home Education for your Infant” conference in Lancaster County, PA

(2) Introducing newborn Baby J to a gathering of former Navy Seals in the Garden State—because there’s not quite enough testosterone in her home as it is

(3) Enjoying a free fourth anniversary trip to New York City with her husband, courtesy of the Medela/La Leche League Credit Card rewards program

(4) Interviewing for part-time policy jobs in the prospective Obama Administration in Washington, D.C.

(5) Investigating the success of Red’s moss yard and selecting a “starter specimen” to take back home to Texas

(6) None of the above

(7) All of the above

So great to see you, Dearest Tex! We miss you already.


Right Said Red said...

It's not #5 unless she wants a large dirt patch in her backyard.

It was so great to see Texas Mommy, Mr. Incredible and meet their newest addition. What a sweet little guy--so cute and so small!

How I wish Texas Mommy lived on the East Coast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so sad that we missed the wedding weekend gathering, I miss you ladies and would have loved to see you!! All 3 of you look wonderful!

I won't guess since I already know the answer :)

AWOL Mommy said...

you are hysterical.

Tres Amigas, you are beautiful. Secret to beauty = many pregnancies, much breast-feeding, sleep deprivation.

I know the answer too, but I really enjoyed the multiple choice.

Sophie said...

Oh boy, I sure hope it's not #4. Really, that's scary.

#3, while very entertaining, and had me off searching to see if there really is such a thing, I think not. I'm guessing #2.

Beautiful, pic!

Right Said Red said...

I think Texas Mommy deserves most of the accolades on the beautiful pic. After all, Tex is only 3 weeks postpartum! She looks GREAT!

B-Mama said...

What a beautiful grouping of babies and mommies! You guys all look fabulous!! Wish I could have joined in the fun... Hope the wedding was great!! Blessings and love from the beach. :)

JesusThroughMary said...

To make logical sense, "all of the above" needs to be above "none of the above" in a list of options.

Obama will rule not in Washington, but in the hearts and minds of his people (64% of whom will have a government job once he ascends the throne).

texas mommy said...

I miss you already!! But here is the another multiple choice:

What is Texas Mommy doing outside the great state of Texas?

(1) Comparing the size of my 3 week old baby with Red's 34 week ultrasound pictures

(2) Flying under the radar at our alma mater and hoping that if I had any run-ins with the "Office of Population Research" the Navy Seals around would come to my defense

(3) Shredding Mr. Incredible's credit card to prevent him from buying any more Princeton baby merchandise

(4) Having a conversation with a certain Dean and his wife who kept bringing up Mary Alice's family with an awestruck air

(5) Enjoying the amazing hospitality of Red and Juris Mater who provided great food, diapers and a lactation room

(6) Meeting Angelina and Gussie, two of the cutest babies ever

(7) Telling Mr. Incredible how imperative it is for us to move to the east coast to an adorable town where we can walk to everything and have playdates with other builders (alas, not an option, because he refuses to live so close to Eagles or Giants territory)

(8) Picking up an Obama bumper sticker from the huge Obama tent set up on Nassau street

(9) All of the above except (8)

A Simple Sinner said...

The Law of Non-Contradiction precludes an answere from EVER being "All of the above" if "None of the above" is above "All of the above."

Either way, hope you had a great time!

Juris Mater said...

Tex, hilarious! Hope you've had a smooth adjustment back home. Come back soon...

JesusthroughMary and Simple Sinner (aka: the logic police force), thank you for your correction. Multiple choice has never been my strong suit.

Juris Mater said...

Yes, #2 is correct: two of our dear Princeton friends were married on Saturday, and the groom and several of the wedding guests were Navy Seals. What a fun weekend it was!