Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monitoring the Situation

Moms, Dads ----- need consumer advice stat---

We are an Army family. I am married to a junior officer and we live in government-assigned quarters. This means the homes are "intimate", so I have not needed a baby monitor in order to hear a waking napper. However, we will spend the next month at my folks' house staying in a back carriage house. Thus I need a baby monitor that works well. The range doesn't have to be amazing and I think I will even be ok with one that is plugged into the wall - just need one in the front house so I can hear the waking angel out back. Any and all suggestions welcome but please hurry, we leave in six days.
Thanks in advance, team.


Right Said Red said...

Don't buy a Sony, ours was AWEFUL. We have a Fisher Price monitor, and I'm fairly happy with it. Not sure how far it reaches, but it does the trick in our home.

Hillary said...

we use an older version of fisher-price sounds + lights monitor and it is GREAT (i have two sets, 1 for each kid). it is currently on sale at babies'r'us. i'd highly recommend it. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2919625

Kate E. said...

In case you don't want to buy you can usually rent baby monitors from baby rental places. Here is a website that lists them by state. There is also a national one called...Baby's Away...I think.


texas mommy said...

Another "Don't"

Don't get the newer graco digital kind. We got one b/c it is supposed to have great range, but the battery doesn't even last for a night and it gets static-y interference.