Monday, August 4, 2008

Ninja Warrior

I'm back! From vacation ;-(

Isn't there always something a little depressing about returning from vacation?

We went to the beach with my extended family and had a wonderful time. In the evenings, we were introduced to a pretty funny show, Ninja Warrior. Ninja Warrior is a Japanese show in which contestants try to complete a pretty ridiculous obstacle course. A very animated and funny Japanese announcer gives the play by play, and English subtitles appear to clue us in on all the ridiculous comments.

Unfortunately, the deadline for submitting applications for the upcoming Ninja Warrior season was yesterday. I was really thinking of making a run at "total victory," but I guess I will have to train and await the next season in 6 months.

h/t Scott and Amanda

***UPDATE If you love Japanese Gameshows, reader Geoff sent me this:

Human Tetris


B-Mama said...

This totally reminds me of the silly summer show airing on one of the major networks (I'm almost ashamed to admit GG and I have watched it!) where candidates go through a ridiculous obstacle course and get creamed! lol. It is very Asian-esque in its inspiration! Too bad you can't apply--maybe next year?! :)

Right Said Red said...


I knew you would appreciate this! Maybe after James arrives we should train to be Ninja Warriors, there is a female competition ;-)

Carolina Girl said...

B-mama, not only do we watch that show...B-man has it set to record on our DVR!!! It really is kind of funny. Ha!

Amanda said...

I'm glad you shared such classic programming with everyone Red. This clip barely does the show justice. I find the American version that came out this summer just can't compete without some of the classic lines from the Ninja Warrior commentator - "his face is a mask of fury" will always be my favorite.

I look forward to the blog where you write about the new balance beam in your back yard that you are using for training.