Friday, June 5, 2009

B-Mama's Picks for Summer

Reading all the wonderful book suggestions for Texas Mommy's last post, I am inspired to include a few of my latest summer addictions for everything ranging from food to footwear. Since we are all working hard and feeling like we need a break, why not treat ourselves to some wonderful creature comforts that don't break the bank, but add joy to our days? Here are my top seven picks for Summer '09:

1) I am in love with my new sneaker sandals, purchased from Lands End. The best part: their $28 price tag (I got them at 20% off with free shipping). You really can't beat such a great price for a durable shoe like this. They are light and airy, yet have a little more support like a sneaker. I have flat feet and need to wear orthotics in flats--BINGO. These shoes hide my inserts and I stroll around biomechanically blissful. They are a wonderful alternative to my wedge slides that I usually wear everywhere but are completely impractical.

2) The crayon rocks I mentioned in a recent post are AWESOME. No sooner had they made their appearance out of the box, but my boys were drawn to them and coloring away. The crayons' small shape encourage little fingers to have proper grip. I am so pleased! For $9, they already appear to be a good investment.

3) Avocados. Okay, this is rather random, but I could seriously swim in a large pool of smashed avocados, a little olive oil, and salt. Grab some tortilla chips and I'm a happy mama. I even love to wrap turkey around thin slices and indulge. There really is nothing better than a soft, buttery avocado. And they make wonderful baby food--our J loves them cut up and can manage them with only 2 teeth.

4) When I found out our local pool required Coast Guard-approved flotation devices for the kids, I didn't know how we'd find a solution. Step in Puddle Jumpers. With soft styrofoam around each arm and across their chests, my kiddos feel safe and float nicely. The nylon covering also appears durable and able to endure many hand-me-down summers. For $15 bucks (in the Wal-Mart boating section), these might do the trick for you too!

5) Gerard's Light Champagne salad dressing. Once again, I could swim in this stuff. It is SO good and has an amazing taste. You'll just have to try it to find out. Since discovering it, I've found it seems to have a fan following. Call me crazy, but a good salad dressing goes a long way to make me a happy camper.

6 & 7) Finally, for all of our country music-lovin' readers out there, Kenny Chesney's Don't Blink and Rascal Flatts Life is a Highway are favorites playing in our house these days. There's something about good country music that signals relaxation and summer revelry to me. These are a sure treat for any music lover to enjoy.

So there you have it, B-mama's summer picks. Go enjoy the sunshine and drink in the soon-to-be start of a delicious season!