Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Equating a Day

One unfixed vehicle returned to the mechanic after already spending 3 days there
One 2yo with a bread ball shoved up his nose (O Lord, not this again!)
One escaped, collarless (and beloved) yellow lab found two hours, two neighborhoods, and a forest later
One PMS'ing, frazzled mama
One very stressful morning!!!
How's your day gone? I hope better. :)

Today I am praising God for offering me the Grace to step back and laugh about all of this. That's really all I can do looking back over this list. lol. What a morning!


Carolina Girl said...

Oh B!! Great for you for having the perspective to step back and laugh!! What a day! Glad Custer was recovered. I hope your car is fixed soon. It's so hard to be house bound.

Right Said Red said...

At least nobody is vomiting ;-)

Kerry said...

ugg. anything involving car problems is blah day. yours sounds so not fun! praying for you!!

Juris Mater said...

This is one of the many reasons I'm SO thankful for this blog. When I'm having an absurdly bad day, like yours B-mama, it lightens my heart entirely to evaluate what has happened in the light of "is that good enough for a blog post".

Thank all of you, builders and readers, for being there at your computers to empathize and help me regain perspective, laugh a little, and not take life too seriously. What a blessing from God that we're all in this together!

B-mama, hope the sun comes out tomorrow (along with the bread ball) : )

Kat said...

Car troubles are awful, losing your sweet dog must have been terrifying, seeing your little guy with a bread ball up his nose...Well, at least that was a little funny, right? Hope it came out :)

B-Mama said...

I'm happy to report the bread ball has come out in pieces--someetimes just letting nature take its course (v. attacking the poor thing with tweezers) is the best option!

The dog is home and well.
I am smiling and reveling in my motherly vocation.

As for the car, well, you just don't even want to hear about the car... Good news is we should have it back soon! :)