Thursday, June 18, 2009

Public Service Announcement: Father's Day on the Horizon

If you're (1) a procrastinator and (2) gift-giving is NOT your love language, you might (like me, every year) be very consciously ignoring the fact that Father's Day is this Sunday.

But chances are, if you're not a gift-giver yourself, you married someone who cares at least a little about being recognized with a thoughtful gift. Opposites attract.

I already put the handmade kid cards in the mail to my dad (grandfathers are wonderfully easy to please). The only thing left is to carve out a little errand time tomorrow morning to buy something special for the love of my life and the father of my children. I know I'll be glad I did on Sunday.

Have a VERY Happy Father's Weekend, everyone! God bless all you dads.


Mary Alice said...

JM, I hacked into your post to allow comments, but I just have to share:

A few weeks ago, while my husband was meeting up with a friend to play golf (a rain check from last year's birthday), the sole fell off his shoe and he had to buy new golf shoes right then and there at the course shop. He was a bit bummed about it, especially since we are very tight budgeters and he was not able to shop around. I immediately offered that the shoes be his fathers day gift -- I could see the excel spreadsheet flash before his eyes as the expense moved from his clothing column to our gift column, and his face lit up.

This is one of the major upsides of being married to someone who does not have gifts as his love language.

For anyone who is caught at the 11th hour, a day off is a great gift for dad, even a few hours on the weekend to go do something on his own totally guilt free, that is what I would most want as a mother's day gift, too.

B-Mama said...

Mr. B-mama and I also revel in the knowledge that neither of us is gifty in love languages. It definitely takes the pressure off!

This year, I had the kids' photos taken (and one of me with them) and framed a few to place on his office desk. He has been wanting to have this done forever and so we finally checked it off the list for him (which thrills him to no end!)

I was trying so desperately to keep it all a secret and had succeeded in doing so until... he came home early from work one day and I had the photos laying out on the counter. I was able to grab them quickly and whisk them away, but in my haste missed the bottom two. He (of course) saw them immediately and was so excited. Needless to say, he'll be thrilled to see the rest of them come Father's Day. The kids and I will finally be able to make our grand appearance on his desk at work!

Right Said Red said...

MaryAlice, LOL about the excel spreadsheet. Hysterical.

Not the gift giving/receiving type over here, and I'm very thankful for that!

I do, however, have major issues with mother's day/ father's day, as I feel neither day is a real opportunity for those with young children to relax. We spend most of these days fulfilling obligations to see extended family, and both mom and dad are exhausted in the process. I think the best Father's day I can give Mr. Red is to lift these obligations, and allow him to have some personal time.

texas mommy said...

Also LOL about the spreadsheet and Mr. MA!

JM...I can't imagine PhDad saying no to a good texas-sized piece of meat and some good beer! are giving me good ideas. When we just had Dash, I would send Mr. I to the office with pictures to regulary change out of our growing boy. We were there last week to drop off his laptop that he had forgotten that morning and I shamefully realized that he has NO pictures of Incredibaby (going on 11 months...)

Juris Mater said...

Great stories, ladies, about the gift dynamic in your marriages. Hilarious! I'm glad to hear how others are non-gift-types too.

And after all, my very romantic, partially-gift-love husband showed up this evening with flowers for me, for no particular reason.

I do like flowers. Flowers and chocolate (and time off from the kids) are where my gift-love-needs begin and end.

After those flowers, it's an understatement to say I'm relieved that I went to the extra effort (and got a gift) for Father's Day for the first time this year.


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