Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In search of the perfect one-liner...

In the handful of classic motherhood moments, here's one you'll appreciate:

Mom and three young children are out enjoying a public place, like a plaza, duck pond, park or campus green. Behavior is good, even if highly energetic. Morale is high. All is right with the world.

Romeo and Juliet (two heated-up teenagers or young adults) lie together in the grass, or lap-sit and make out, or sway in place front-to-front as they look in each others eyes. The children's noises draw them out of their passionate trance, distract them from their public displays of affection. They eye the children with disdain, disgust even, and snicker as the family walks by. The presence of children has spoiled the heat of the moment.

What a paradox. I thought the design was Man + Woman + Passion = Children.

I'd never say anything out loud (well probably not), but I wonder if there's a perfect one-liner to sum it all up. Nothing ugly or snarky. If you can think of one, I'll store it in the memory bank for some solace, and a little internal chuckle and wink, when these situations arise.


K said...

"First comes love....." Most people know how that little ditty ends.

Elena said...

"Do you mind if we watch?" Or, you could try to explain Theology of the Body in really complex terms and they might just get up and leave!

Gina said...

Frankie and Esmerelda suddenly remember that McDonalds doesn't pay enough to raise one of those.