Sunday, November 22, 2009

Perhaps a better Montessori Idea...

We have been chatting about how to help our children build routines, including getting ready to go in the morning and handwashing. B-Mama told us that her boys are reminded to wash hands well because she posted the instructions that they made in school near the sink.

Handwashing is a great example of a Montessori practical life activity. Appropriate, child size tools are provided and the child is taught to do some real work (wash hands) that does matter to himself and the community. In addition to the skill at hand, he also learns to focus and to follow a sequence of instructions. By repeating this task over and over again, he has the experience of mastering something. He also has a sensory experience as he feels the warm water and soap.

I was looking for Christmas gifts on Etsy -- the perfect compromise for those who wish they could shop local/independent but also wish to avoid stores. I came across these charts which look like a great help to habit building. Once you are over there, look around, it is great fun and so inspiring to see what people are making!


B-Mama said...

Ooooh, these look GREAT! They are inspiring me to have my kids pose for shots of their own routines to put up on a similar board. You know kids love to see pics of themselves--even better if the pics show them doing habits well.

I will say, our handwashing poster remains and I've seen the boys reference it regularly, especially our 3yo. I am still amazed by its effectiveness.

Thanks for the reference, MA!

Right Said Red said...

Yes, much better ;-)

We need to move in this direction with Gus (our 3rd). He has some special needs and has a really difficult time with transitions. I think if he felt more in control, and always knew what came next, we would have less meltdowns. I also think they are a great idea for typically developing children...but routines are even more important for kids that struggle with many daily tasks.

Thanks for the link and the idea.

Young Mom said...

What an awesome idea, great chore/routine charts for toddlers!