Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lost in Translation

A friend of mine stopped me today after helping to run the Thanksgiving party in my oldest son's (4.5yo) preschool class. She just couldn't stop laughing after talking with our M...

Mrs. J: So M, are you excited for Thanksgiving?

M: Yeah, I'm excited for the turkey. But we have to kill it first.

Mrs. J: (confused) Does your daddy go out and hunt for the turkey?

M: No, he doesn't shoot it. We catch it with a butterfly net.

LOL! Where do kids come up with this stuff?!
Cheers to a 4-year-old's perception of reality!


Mary Alice said...

I love it? What does he think about how you get the cranberries to take on that shape?

We went to a farm yesterday and got our turkey and I still don't think the kids really understand -- best not to think too hard about these things, I guess, though I am expecting my brother to go on a small vegetarian diatribe about it...

Right Said Red said...

Well our Daddy did kill our thanksgiving turkey last year--as well as MaryAlice's!

Young Mom said...

Hhahaha, I can't wait till mine get to that stage. :)