Friday, November 20, 2009

Keeping it real...

You Montessori homeschooling supermoms (and everyone else too) will enjoy this coverage of a wonderful new Montessori innovation for dental students.

Montessori School of Dentistry Lets Students Discover Their Own Root Canal Procedures


Right Said Red said...

Gross! I am not a fan of the dentist, so we will not be doing that sort of Montessori education around here ;-)

Bethany said...

Okay, so this is not exactly the best segway but speaking of Montessori Education and homeschooling, I have a question:

What specific activities, books, resources would any of you reccommend for a very, very precocious not quite 5 year old? Since my husband is essentially in charge of Catholic Education for our diocese we've made a commitment to sending our children to Catholic School, however, my not quite 5 year old seems to be very... ahead of the game especially since he can't start kindergarten until the 2010-2011 school year. I admit I've been working in Early Childhood Education for 11-12 years (on and off) but I've exhausted most of my resources. I'm going to be contacting to public school district in order to get him "tested" for kindergarten, I'm wanting to see where he's at.

But anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone could make some resource recommendations to help stimulate his curiosity and keep up with his level of learning.