Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beached Whale

I can’t imagine a child who’s more into dressing up and costumes than my almost 3-year-old Bella. She’s also HIGHLY opinionated about fashion and loves animals.

Why was I surprised when, after I put on a light blue late-maternity top that barely covers my 38 week belly, she was ecstatic to note, “oh Mommy, great, you’re wearing your whale costume today!”

Do your kids ever have just the right things to say to make you feel like a million bucks?


Right Said Red said...

Gianna, at age 3, dressed up in her princess outfit (complete with gloves, purse, and fake pearls), once said:

"Charlie, you are staying here, the babysitter is coming to watch you, I need to go put on my makeup. I'm going to a party, and you can't come."

Imitation isn't always the highest form of flattery ;-)

Right Said Red said...

Oh, and I almost forgot about this one:

Three days after Augustine was born, Gianna stated:

"Mama, now your belly looks big again, I think there is another baby in there that will come out soon."

Thanks Gianna, I was just starting to feel like I was shrinking back down to pre-pregnancy size.

B-Mama said...

Juris Mater, I'm feeling your pain. M has just started announcing that he doesn't like certain people we meet at the grocery store, on errands, etc. It is always so embarrassing especially bc I don't think he really understands what he's saying! I'm sure you look like a phenomenal prego!

Juris Mater said...

B-mama, you reminded me... Bella's latest publicly embarrassing habit is similar to M's. She points at people in the store, sitting behind us at Mass, at the park, etc and says "that lady/guy/kid is poor". No real rhyme or reason. And that's what we get for involving her in our donations to charity and trying to explain poverty to a 3 year old : )

AWOL Mommy said...

Viv, age 3.5, is very fascinated by aging. She once asked me how to know if someone was old. I thought the safest answer was to tell her to look for white hair. Now she publicly announces not only, "she is old", complete with finger-point, but also, "she is going to die soon." Yikes.