Monday, April 14, 2008

Papal Visit

Pope Benedict arrives tomorrow. When he lands, President Bush will greet him at the airstrip. He is the first head of state the President will greet at the airstrip. Here is a transcript of the interview of President Bush about the Papal visit, courtesy of Raymond Arroyo, News Anchor for EWTN Global Catholic Network.


UPDATE: For those of you interested in the video, rather than just the transcript, click here.


B-Mama said...

I'm going to go quasi-political for a moment and say that I just love Bush. He may not have the most fluid diction or poised stage presence, but I sure do wish he were my grandpa! I'm grateful he's stayed true to his personal convictions, no matter how screwed up his cabinet might have been!

Right Said Red said...

uh oh B-Mama, are trying to stir up more trouble ;-)

Mary Alice said...

Question, would you still love Bush even if your stop-loss appeal had been denied?

How's that for stirring up trouble? I should probably stick to cake!

Right Said Red said...

On a completely different note, MaryAlice, I love the pic of you, Len and Leo. It is such a great photo. I'm hoping to update my soon as I can get a good one of the family.

B-Mama said...

Don't put it past me to stir up a little fun. :)

And as to your thought-provoking question, Mary Alice, I admit that last year at this time (while we awaited word on my husband's Army IRR recall) we were collectively much more annoyed at the Bush administration and their current handling of Iraq, especially as we saw the situation spiraling out of control before the surge took effect. Had GG been made to go back, I can only hope that we would have embraced his mission and call to duty, along with the overall effort and the powers-that-be enforcing it. That seems to be the way things work, in general, with the military--when given a mission, the men are completely dedicated to their service, beyond any political annoyance or disagreement.

No doubt, we would have been very proud of GG and his troops and their awesome work with the surge... I am glad, though, he didn't have to go! Deployments are NO fun, especially in the middle of law school! Thanks to all the brave men and women serving our country overseas!! GG's brother is now in the midst of basic training and will be entering his Officer Basic Course in June. Thus, we continue to be intimately linked to the military and Pres. Bush!
Great question!

Kat said...

Well, I'm pretty sure that President Bush would NEVER say this!! Follow the link below to see what I mean: