Thursday, May 22, 2008

One of those days

The Crime Scene:

The Culprits:

The Verdict:

One shaved head. One bad haircut made presentable with lots of barrettes and headbands. One mama who keeps reminding herself that it's only hair. It will grow back.


Ellie Raduns said...

I think she could consider a career as a hairdresser

Kerry said...

how very very very cute!

k said...

Hmmm while I was on the phone with Alice (which she definitely got to hear the end of) my son took every single bin out of his bookcase and emptied them on the floor and then "mixed them" (this is the part that kills me because of course it makes it that much more fun to sort).

Again, easier to fix then hair, and it is just time but it makes you go AHHHHH why did I think leaving you alone for 5 minutes was wise?!?

or in my case
"Ok it's time for nap, since Mommy is away for the weekend you and Daddy will have fun picking this up tomorrow"

think I will need to bring home a large bottle of rum for the man of the house as a thank you.

Anonymous said...

I cut a big triangle out of the front of my hair the day OF a family picture when I was five or six.

No one else was amused.

B-Mama said...

This is too funny! Oh to be in the shoes of their mommy when she discovered the scene... :) Prayers for your patience, Red. I will be posting things like this come August when we are inundated with three little ones! :) lol.